British Christmas Dinner – traditional recipe

The traditional British Christmas dinner is a true winter feast. It can contain many elements, but most commonly a Christmas dinner is roast turkey, stuffing, roast or mashed potatoes, pigs in blankets (pork chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon), brussels sprouts, parsnips, and other seasonal vegetables. There should also be lots of rich turkey gravy, and sometimes bread sauce. Of course, the meat doesn’t have to be a turkey – goose is actually more traditional, but a big hunk of beef, pork or lamb wouldn’t be out of place.

In this video, I show you how to roast a turkey, make sausagemeat stuffing, bread sauce, roast potatoes, sauteed sprouts with lemon, roast parsnips, honey-glazed carrots, gravy and pigs in blankets.


Vishwanath Athira says:

Merry Christmas to all

jessica feldman says:

Fantastic Keef! I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year!

Can you do a recipe on gluten free bread? I have a bread maker as I am gluten intolerant and stuck on ideas and on how to make it

Thank you!!!

Adams Eats says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates sprouts! Although, I did make a Brussels sprout frittata not long ago, and that was really good.

Prairie Perspecitve says:

Hey Keef here’s a recipe my mates in the kitchen and I do here, in Canada. I’m trained like most of my friends in what we were told was “classical french” but turned out to be “Quebec pub food” so that’s kind of where this comes from. It sounds a little poor class I know but damned if it’s not the best food on the planet.

It’s called rustic mash, start with 1 medium to large sized rutabaga, 2.5 yellow or Yukon gold potatoes, and 1 parsnip. Cut them into pieces and steam until tender. In a pan heat up cream (or almond milk which is what I use at home because it has a unique personality) and throw in Rosemary, Bay leaves, and 2 cloves of garlic. Just boil that down while the mash steam. Once they’re both done toss the starches into a blender with a generous amount of salt, and cracked black pepper. Remove your herbs and toss the perfumed milk and garlic cloves in the blender to where the starch is about 3/4 covered, 1 tbsp of butter, pulse until they’re like mashed potatoes.

This is my favorite thing with any meal; It’s great plain or smothered in gravy and served aside wild fowl, duck, turkey, bison, elk, lamb, mutton, bangers, and so much more. Based on what you like to cook I thought you’d enjoy it.

Mr_Krasker says:

Hello Keef, when using a induction hob try laying a silicone mat down on the cook surface and your pots will not slide. The silicone mat will not interfere with the electromagnetic field from the coil in the cooker.

Anthony Clarke says:

British colonel sanders

haitham ateek says:

Happy occasion keef, i wish you and the family a happy new year.

DisabledGuy says:

Keef I am afraid I have been frenchi-fied …… I prefer garlic and cream with my potatoes

Jose Casillas says:

Nicely done. Thank you. Happy Xmas from America.

Alex Newson says:

Has he got a cheeky can on the go when he’s cooking. Thought I noticed in one scene ?? Haha!!

Hazel B says:

Yum!! Merry Christmas Keef & Mrs Keef Cooks!! Enjoy your day x

Nannerchan says:

Merry Christmas.

Sarah Nour says:

roasted fish for christmas is traditional i assumed ?

Brenda Rigdon says:

it’s not chrimbo without budgies heads and carrot and turnips and roasties.

Jelly Bryce says:

Thank you for this video! Merry Christmas from across the pond!

James Davies says:

Another brussels hack is make a roux with flour, double cream and butter, lots of salt and pepper, then add very smoky bacon bits and let the boiled brussles cooked for a few minutes in the sauce. It is simply amazing!

Had them every Christmas and they’re always a winner!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family Keef! 😀

Elizabeth Shepherdson says:

Straight forward, easy to watch and like most of us cooks, not perfect every time.  Enjoyed watching and will do my sprouts and parsnips your way.  Thank you.

Dan Bobs says:

The word ‘legend’ is often over used in today’s society, but for this man we can make an exception.

Ladies & Gentlemen…Mr Keef Cooks

p.s Merry Christmas Keef to you and yours


Very nice Keef. I always do my brussels with a dash of sesame seed oil and chestnuts. Lifts their game no end. Merry Christmas mate and Happy Chanukah. Cheers Moose

Jcrea100 says:

Hi and greetings from Oklahoma! This looks like a tasty meal. I was completely unfamiliar with what would be a traditional British Christmas dinner- so I was sort of surprised by the bread gravy and the stuffing. Not sure about the white bread in flavored milk- seems like a real basic or peasant recipe (simple is not always bad). The stuffing looked like a pork meatloaf or meatball- almost like it should be simmered in a nice thick marinara sauce or finished with a painting of ketchup….just my American perspective I guess….Anyway, the whole meal looked good and definitely holidayish! Thanks for the vid!

Thomas Ciesla says:

Merry Christmas. Looks delish! Never heard of “bread sauce” but am willing to give it a try sometime…

Pete Jones says:

he keeps things simple cos he is SIMPLE

Mark Lyne says:

lovely jubbly now off for a nice glass of Merlot

al145 says:

Yeah, brussels sprouts definitely fall into that “awful if boiled to hell” category, but when done right, they are really delicious. Somewhat unrelated, I’m going to try the mince pie recipe, just need to figure out what I have to do for the suet I can get easily in the states. I’ll let you know how it compares to the stuff from the jar (at least in my opinion, I am optimistic though)

Stephen Bishop says:

The thing is Keef you like spouts al dente wheras they need to be boiled alive so they are mushy. Then you get the true flavour. Merry Christmas Keef and I’ll look foreword to more of your vids

Eezee Listen says:

I am liking your comments regarding instructions on foods for cooking. They are usually for too long a time and too high a temperature. It’s all, as you say, making sure that people in todays society, who are treated as completely clueless, will not get ill and sue them! Same with most non perishable goods, they generally say “refrigerate” when there is no need to.
Your videos are very good, enjoyable and easy to understand and follow. Last night I made paella following your recipe and it was a triumph, so many thanks – I cant comment on your video as it is “comments disabled”. Like you I had the same paellera and had to span 4 gas rings and keep turning. Just noticed your induction hob on this Christmas dinner video – is there a brand you would recommend as I think large pans like the paellera would be ideal for cooking on it.
Best wishes for a happy and peaceful New Year.

Arlene S says:

Well. I’m hungry now. lol *sigh* On a serious note, this truly does look DELICIOUS! Roasting the veggies in goose fat, I wonder what that tastes like! Here in America we (typically) use either butter or olive oil, vegetable oil, etc. I’ve never had goose fat (or meat, for that matter) in my life! lol I can only imagine how much flavor it adds though… Any time animal fat is used to cook/roast something, you KNOW its gonna be good! Well done, sir! ^_^

Ajay G says:

The only video I’ve ever wanted! Merry Christmas to me!

Carlos Arroyo Garcia says:

¡Feliz Navidad Keef!

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