Botamochi-Ohagi (Japanese Traditional Sweets Recipe)

My mother is making her famous OHAGI, a delicious Japanese sweet made from mochi rice and sweetened adzuki beans ANKO. Subscribe for more videos!

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Adzuki Beans
Ready made Adzuki
Mochi Rice

250 g / 1 1/3 cup Adzuki Beans, washed
Water to completely cover the beans (4-5 times more than the beans)
1 1/2 mochi rice
1 1/3 cup water
pinch of salt
1 cup sugar (add more to your preference)

Combine adzuki beans and water in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil. Turn of the heat and discard the water. Wash the beans quickly and drain off excess water. Put the beans back into the saucepan with enough water to cover the beans. Bring to a boil one more time and turn the heat to low. Simmer for 20-30 minutes until beans are soft and tender. Add more water if necessary.

While the beans are cooking, cook the mochi rice. Wash the rice and cook with water in a rice cooker. Follow the instructions the package and your rice cooker.

Once beans are soft and tender, start mashing it up with a back of a spoon. You can also use a potato masher to make it easier. Don’t over mash the beans. Continue to simmer the beans until liquid has mostly evaporated.

Put your cooked mochi rice into a bowl and add a little salt. Mash up the rice with a spoon or potato masher. You only want to partially mash the rice so you can enjoy the texture of the rice. Roll the rice into small balls and set aside.

Add sugar to the red beans and mix well. Let it sit until it’s not too watery. If your beans are too watery, heat on low and let the moisture evaporate. Let the beans cool until you can touch it without burning yourself.

To put the Ohagi together, lay a sheet of plastic wrap on the palm of your hand. Put 1-2 tbsp of red bean past onto the center. Top it with a rice ball and wrap it up into a ball. Shape and mold tightly. Unwrap and place on a plate. Repeat with the rest. Enjoy!

You can also put the anko inside of the rice instead and coat the rice balls with other flavors such as Kinako-sugar, matcha-sugar and sweetened black sesame seeds.

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Mama Odie says:

Your mom reminds me of a lady who lived next door to us on okinawa. I cant wait to try this recipe of hers.

Red Alice Rao says:

your mom is so cute. may she live long and healthy. Bless her.

Jo-Anne Jantz says:

I love your mom and her simple recipes. Please let her make more 🙂

Vol B says:

your cute! your Mom is cute! this vidéo Made me happy 🙂 cant wait to try the recepy !

Kentendo 64 says:

Benio from twin star exorcist bring you here?

yurikaaa0 says:


beavertown2006 says:

Ginger Pork please.

carrionhue says:

あなたのお母さんはすごい—–I hope my translation is ok.

carrionhue says:

is the mocci rice sweet?

jose alfredo polanco de leon says:

SOUSEI NO ONMYOUJI took me here.Loool

Slilicanae the 1st says:

I`m officially in love with your mom! Greetings for the cute lady!

Jonny Dag says:

that look amazing, thank you for shareing. i just wonder, can i change the rice to ordinare rice and sweet rice and can i change the adzuki beans to kindeybeans or black beans? becouse the rice and the beans that you use doesnt sell here

listminusv says:


stimpson ket says:

can you do okonomiyaki? i love it. 🙂

Heather Rennie says:

I’ve always wanted to know what these were as I saw them on a Japanese show and now I get to see that and also how to make them. what a bonus!!! Your mum is so lovely wish she could stay in Tokyo and help you both with the cooking. Can we see, if it’s OK? When you visit your mum in Hawaii of her cooking foods you use to eat as a child or local foods please ?
It’s always fantastic to see your mum on your show. I love watching your show always coming up with awesome things to watch. well done guys one of my favorite channel to watch. fantastic Channel !!!!

Steve Mok says:

My heart melts watching your mom make these delicious dishes for you. I do hope you gave her something nice for Mother’s Day

bcgrote says:

Subuta, please!
Oh, this looks delicious! I don’t like mushy mochi, so this way with some rice still whole might be better for my taste. And homemade anko, yummy!
I finally got a little rice cooker, so I will have to try this dish. I can get canned aduki beans at one store, but the Japanese store with the bag like the one you used is a long drive from my house. Maybe I can get my husband to stop at one on the way home from his work, he goes past a few while he’s on the freeway. And he’ll do just about anything for me, ass if he loves me, LOL!

Thanks, Mom, for another lovely recipe!

FFnet Reighost says:

Is the rice in this sweetened?

Jacey LePotato says:

Ohagi maaan~

Mari Kusanagi says:

Hey, do you know about the Japanese Mukashibanashi 「カエルになったぼたもち」?

MinasaYami says:

それは素晴らしい! 彼女はかわいいです!
(learning Japanese 🙂 )

Soushi Miketsukami says:

Shin, Do you think that you going to Culinary School? Since you love to cook as much as you love food?? Just asking

Erin Uber says:

I’m watching this video again! I’m thinking that tomorrow, I might have to buy adzuki beans at the Japanese market. Maybe it is finally time to make anko from scratch. Hmmm….what do you think? The only problem with this video is that it makes me hungry for ohagi! I’ve made mochi at home, but I haven’t tried making ohagi. Maybe I need to do that. 🙂 Arigatou gozaimasu!

slyt23 says:

Very interesting, Great to see mom and son combo

the one from K says:

“how about a boyfriend?” omg

Sebby bartelega says:

amazing is And super easy to prepare Tnk for video ^^

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