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yummy banana leaf chicken by countryfoods


chandana keerthi says:

happy birthday laxman may ur all goals come truee

Gowri Adabala says:

Thanks to god granny recover ayaru chalu maku granny return vachi cooking cheayanavasaram leadhu jst maku kanipisthea chalu navvuthu

Lily Huizar says:

God bless granny hope she recovers soon..with all blessings sent to granny…

Le-kerala says:

great idea and nicely cooked

VazZ VaZz says:

That’s a great news! Thnqqqqqqqq

Carol Hinse says:

What difference does it make by wrapping with banana leaf? Why not just deep fry?

Kit Kat says:

Don’t rush Granny back !! Let her fully rest and recover – none of us want her to be unwell again.


I am extremely excited and happy to hear that Granny has recovered. My best wishes and prayers are always with her, your family and village.

Nelly Estrada says:

Rajani, thanks for give us another delicious food of your menu, kisses and a big hug for you. Please, a big kiss to Granny. I love you Granny and Rajani.

Samidella idella says:

Yummy!! Food cooked in Banana leaves always tastes so good. I hope Granny was able to have some. I am very happy she has recovered. I know Granny loves to make her videos and to share her love through food- is very important to her, but if she gets tired we can all wait. Super!!

Meenakshi Charakpalli says:

where is granny

Chetan Sathya says:

With out granny their is a big void to fill its feel very ordinary show just one smile from granny would be instant “HIT”, come back soon….!!!!

veez beauty says:


Nilly Tawil says:

Very nice

Kenny Nelson says:

tell granny we all love her from the usa

Sita Negi says:

Looks so delicious… I am glad Granny recovered…like tot see her.. God bless You all….greetings from the Netherlands

Lily Huizar says:

I miss grannys sweet voice and her laugh…what a precious little tough woman she is incredible ….

Leti Velazquez says:

Cómoda ternura esta grandma es un amor y una excelente cocinera…

Sally Waters says:

Miss granny

Astika Ali says:

Keep it up love all of your foods

Shiny Parekkat says:

Woooowwww superrr dish

Raj Gaurav says:

Thanks god

Maradana Kalyani says:

Wow super

Stephen wilkerson says:

Her granddaughter is doing a good job

Xain Khan says:

Granny k ane ka shiddat se intezar hai


That other old granny reminds me of the granny from twitty

Mary Ann Dubrovin says:

Kisses to granny. We miss you!!

Lol Lil says:

Honestly I don’t mind, who cooks •|||• as long as u guys are still making videos I’m happy with that <3

Hasan Shibly says:

Thanks for this wonderful recipe. If possible could you please write in English what are the spices you are adding and in what order. This will help viewers to try these recipes more comfortably. Good wishes for Granny.

Fernando Fernandez says:

Oh my lord! She really needs a manicure, her nails are dirty.

Karre Suman says:

super Anna

G0vind Chavan says:

best granyyyy

Sudhendu Pattnaik says:

Thank god for her soonest recovery.
May god bless her with long n prosperous life.
Grandma , you look exactly like my dadi and I get lot of pleasure just watching you.
Pls upload video frequently and I can’t wait to watch you again.

Satya Priya says:

Where is granny..

Brittany Cordle says:


Varsha gowda says:

where is grany I want to see her

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