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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Popular Traditional Cake Delicious Recipe – Cook Traditional Food – Village Food Factory
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dennis david baretta salas says:

what country is this?

Sappy guitar neck says:

I am wondering if you can show us some of the special drinks that you like to make.

Travis Gaspard says:

i see you have rice & bacon but what all you mix with the rice & bacon ! looks good i’ll try it

Village Food Khmer says:

good video. i like this food. i subscribe ur channel ready pls me back.

Megan Aude says:

so yummy.
but I can say, it so hard to prepare.. 🙁

Orvillecarl Foster says:

Yes I know where you from I watch a lot of videos from there about fishing and how hard all you women work there a lot of women there there is a lot of separation there’s a lot of divorce because the man is not satisfied the one more but they forget about the children that they had with an individual you have to learn how to support them maybe they do maybe they don’t I don’t know if it was me I had a woman again I will cherish her for life I will be by her side to learn the different dishes that she can make that I love to eat I love eat Filipino food but I don’t cook as well as you folks do the old folks know what kind of readings to put inside the food I don’t like MSG and I can tell it has MSG in their ins gets eye swell up but I don’t say I just enjoyed the food I live in Honolulu all my life but please take care of yourself all of you your family your grandparents your great-grandparents love them and learn all what you can from them because they know a lot of Secrets sometimes they don’t see too much it’s up to you to watch and observe all these different spices that they add to make the food taste great they have that Knack and it is so amazing but God bless you again like I said amen to all your family and friends and Neighbors take good care of yourself all of you amen

Orvillecarl Foster says:

Thank you very much for correcting me I love watching your video and how you prefer e Kings and put it together it is awesome God bless you and your family with a lot of prayers to all of your friends too amen

Wahyu Tanlu says:

Nice music, like dangdut in indonesia

Zee Zee says:

Tempatku nama’y skubal cocok d’coel ma rendang/semur sapi ,Ibuku klo lebaran mesti
gk ketinggalan bikin itu tapi gk d’kasih daging d’tengah’y cma ketan doangg

Rosalia A Souza says:

Bom dia,eu sou do Brasil, bjs.

conny mana says:

very pretty thte baybys

Chandra Shekar says:

Wow really nice…

Mark Metry says:

Good visuals. Entertaining to watch but I would also appreciate the ingredients you used. Thanks!

Babylyn Benitez says:

but the food looks yummy.

Paul Noguera says:

I want to eat that.

wildflower says:

this is new year’s food onlly eating one a year and is popular throughout Southeast Asia and every one love it as you can tell she’s happy eating

Zodd The Immortal says:

Pretty food pretty woman

Janvee Kisto says:

Wow looking nice I want to taste it

Orvillecarl Foster says:

I have a microwave but I use that but is just too make my hot water so I can make tea or lemon water and I drink that in the morning or maybe lunch time also and dinner time oh I warm up my food in the microwave and that’s it…… I do my own cooking at home for what I want to eat but I eat 5 small meals a day I don’t eat the where how are used to eat before I gave up a lot of stuff just so I can lose weight and I did I lost a lot of weight in my age I look very younger than I should it’s because the way how I eat today but I love to watch you videos over and over and over and over cuz I try to pick up some stuff that you do or other people in Your Country Cook I try to watch and I try to make it and when I do eat it or I do taste it all so it doesn’t taste like it should cuz when I go to the Filipino restaurant and I order what you make or what anyone of you in your country make when I taste that food it is totally different from mine but I try my best like I said take good care of yourself you are a very special woman all of you God bless all of your family all of your friends all of your neighbors with love and more prayers and blessings to all of you amen

Orvillecarl Foster says:

That is so unique I love to watch you folks prepared your type of dish video is really really awesome I live in Honolulu I don’t know how to cook Filipino food but it looks so delicious how you prepare your and wrap it up so neatly, again I love to watch you video cuz you folks have that unique talent I should look for a beautiful Filipino lady and marry her so I can learn to cook the way you full scoop I’m a good learner keep up the good work to all of your family God bless God bless all of you with love and prayers and more blessings to everyone and your neighbors 2 throughout the whole afternoon and evening to amen

Chandra Shekar says:

Before watch I’m giving you a thumbs-up.. I’m your Fan from India..

QZahmis says:

Fascinating and beautiful!

I love potatoes ;3 says:

I enjoy watching ur videos 🙂

Rajpoot Bhatti says:

Good …

Samantha's Orchids says:

Cambodian Sushi 🙂

Fishing videos says:

nice videos

Huda A says:

ها هي هذه الاكلة ما عرفنا شي

Punjabi Foodiez says:

wow awesome…

reakphie So says:


Moon Cake says:

This is really an awesome recipe and foods. It must be sticky rice and mung beans with pork.
Do you make these traditional rice cake for holidays or celebration only?
Lot of work and preparation. I enjoyed seeing how each cake carefully got wrapped and tied up. What is it called in Cambodian?

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