10 Goat Head’s Recipe | Traditional Lamb Head curry | Easy Goat Head curry by Grandpa Kitchen

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10 Goat Head’s Recipe | Traditional Lamb Head curry | Easy Goat Head curry by Grandpa Kitchen

10 Goat Head’s Recipe | Traditional Lamb Head curry | Easy Goat Head curry by Grandpa Kitchen


Test Pattern says:

Uh…grandpa? You’re not going to put that as the thumbnail are you? I’m fine with eating meat grandpa, but you’re not going to show someone ripping apart the heads- you know what, never mind

จะไปเซเว่น เอาอะไรมั้ย? says:


happu singh says:


Billie Joe says:

Red chilli powder!

Aina Gia says:

Vegans are quaking

Danish parveez says:

Grandpaa blessed forever

Danny sierra says:

If you ever ate a burger it went through slaughter and trimming but you don’t see it he isn’t a wuss and can make his own food if you think it looks disturbing you’ve been shielded from society you don’t make your own food you pay for it people in other places actually have to cook it from the animal so understand there view and understand they need food and they have to cook it themselves since they can’t work at McDonald’s or any job and make money to pay for food that you don’t even see how it’s made or know the chemicals inside for those who understand food is food survival is survival

Aabi Butt says:


Sharon Qg says:

eso es un manjar por esos lares…. felicidades pro compartirlo con los que menos tienen

Abbiyu Luthfi Fikri says:

Goat Teeth

Emma Hannigan says:

these videos bring me so much joy you have no idea i love him

lushpaw says:

this is disgusting. unsubbed. loved ya til now Grandpa

Xarazoth says:

All people going “eeewww” in the comment section clearly never ate true traditional food of their own country. Fact is: in the past everything from an animal was used and stuff like cooking a whole fish or eating inner organs of animals are still pretty common, even in Western countries. But it seems to die out for most people … together with the ability to actually cook.

As for this recipe, head meat is usually very tender, so I guess the kids were really enjoying it. 🙂

ام بنين says:

شنو هذا صوره من المعركه

Janisha Hollingshed says:

Grandpa is a great man. He takes his time and money to feed the poor. He and his family are truly angels.

Th3RealDestroyerxx23 says:

Omg can I use the heads for a Halloween decoration?

استغفرالله العظيم says:

شباب شنو هذا راس وش

loladze18 says:

Dafuq! WTF this is disgussing

Christian Meyer says:

well , cheap meal. i guess that’s what counts at the end. best regards

Lucarinho says:

Why you cook 10 Michael Jordan’s?

Mom Margie says:

This is a Blessed Grandpa!

Alfredo Lopez says:

Everybody how can we keep looking at this as a normal thing I like what he does but I think we should have a little respect for the animals and at least don’t record them, and again I love what he does, is just my opinion!

DumpySquirrel69 says:

That’s nasty. Goat head?who eats that??

aashlesha gode says:

Hunger does not see veg, non veg or vegan . Only when u r well fed you have choices to make

Aussa Villa says:

vegans are so stupid that starving children don’t bother them as much as killing animals to provide food for them

shortyblackwellll says:

The flies on the rotting goat heads adds a nice touch.

Nett Dee says:

That’s look really good

Josef says:

*Pusha un indio ahí que extinguirlo xD*

I dont deserve subs says:

The thumbnail is a bit disturbing

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