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Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about Yummy cooking seafood recipe.

Wish you good luck for your life bye bye..


Ines Duldulao says:


Hülya Durmaz says:

Dünyanın dengesini bunlar bozacak

Srimathi banagalage says:

Eat family members kill them beter than this turteils

masridarambe says:

Tambul buat Tuak

amira Mirale says:

لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله أستغفر الله العظيم


Seus filhos da puta para de comer as tartarugas

Foreveranjie says:

Oh my lord . I always come to this channel’s defense when people rudely say the food they make is gross but those turtles do not look appetizing

Alton Williams says:

I’ve liked everything she cooked up until now. That looks disgusting!

Rebecca Rain says:

The condiments look nice.
I’m not disrespecting but I don’t see where the edible part of the turtle is? It looks like just guts?
Where is the meat part?

Happy Funny says:


Sahil Sahil says:

Next Pikachu

Sasa Bajic says:

The other turtle had enough of this worlds bullshit and just hid its head

Aky listas says:

Que crueles estaban vivas y están en vía de extinción lo que hacen por salir en youtube y ganar dinero

Jeremías Lopez says:

Comen como marranitos

Adriano Souza says:

Esses filha da puta tao passando fome porra

Thea Oteyo says:

I need to see my other wife where is she? The partner of that girl

Paulo says:

Em alguns lugares do Brasil , como no Para, come-se tartaruga.

Deniz Celik says:

Bok yiyin

لحشد بت says:

اني ضليت الطم عوععععععععع

Sabaybody Samvath says:


Martinii Gutierrez says:

Really revolting the way you eat these people the sounds are disgustingly horrible

Наталия Иванова says:

Хватит уже жрать все ; что движется. Суки!

Astanya X says:

It’s ridiculous how everyone is complaining and disliked the video just because they’re eating turtles. How about the cows/chickens/pigs you eat? just because you live in a different culture doesn’t mean you’re better, you eat animals too so stfu.

Martha Cordova says:

Were this cook alive!

Zuhhra Khamis says:

I wish i can eat them…But cant

Diane Baldonado says:

Oh my god. .animal cruelty

Sabaybody Samvath says:

No good

Thayane Goulart says:

Não como essa imudisse nem apal….eka….coitados dos animas

Srimathi banagalage says:

Re you crezy eat this inasent poor animals meat stupid you re all i het

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