Vegan Calamari & Shrimp | “Seafood” Recipe

If you are craving seafood, I got you covered with this vegan calamari/vegan shrimp. These take like little popcorn shrimp and calamari. I love this vegan calamari and vegan shrimp recipe and I think you will too.

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jabracoroni says:

omg…. Hey you can also use rubber bands as vegan calamari…. GIRLFREENNNNN

Jackie Sevilla says:

looks so good<3 and as soon i saw the thumbnail I've had to click this video and thank you for sharing<3

busyrand says:

This is really cool for people who’ve never really liked Seafood, or have allergies too. Really cool video/recipe!

Elicia Garcia says:

Veggie you are an amazing cook!! You should totally open up a vegan restaurant it would be a hit! I love watching all your vegan recipes

shelley W says:

I love your videos!!!!!

Elissa Davis says:

C O M E……O N…….TEN!!!!!!

Dante Velasquez says:

Have you ever tried the baked salted carrots for smoked​ salmon substitute?

Laketa_ Renee says:


Jenna Danelle says:

Yum. Calamari used to be one of my fav things back in the day. I swear you make all the videos based off of former food loves of mine. Lol.

Cass B says:

I used to love seafood before I went vegan. Thanks for the vid

The VeganStoner says:

Love you new percing love

Loki D. Wolf says:

NO.YOU.DIDN’T! Wowwwwwwww! 🙂

Nora R says:

Yumm awesome video can’t wait to try this one

gisforgary says:

Hearts of palm is really versatile, this is a great idea. In FL they use palmettos and stew them, they call it swamp cabbage, its got that cabbage-like texture.

Gayle J. Lang says:

Brilliant! Thank you, VR!


Looks good. I’m gonna pass this one on to someone who became a vegetarian and had a hard time giving up shrimp etc. Of course, I will try it out too. Thx for sharing.

Senja Sanchez says:

What an ingenious idea! Amazing video. Thanks

Katie Claire says:

I am SO excited to try this. One of the only thing that I miss is calamari.

Elissa Davis says:

“”Ladies & gentlemen, I’d like to introduce u to the B E S T
VEGAN U – Tuber of ALL TIME!!! Please meet the wonderful, the talented, the beautiful Miss Veggie Rose!!!!

Jessica Colon says:

YES!!! These look delish. I always hated the chewiness of calamari anyway.

Kris Lane says:

Don’t ever stop your YouTube channel. You are awesome! with awesome recipes!!!!

Marie says:

yum!! I never even really liked calamari before going vegan but this looks so good!!

Elissa Davis says:

Come on T E N !!!!! You’ve soooo got this !!!!!!

Goofey ButReal says:

Fantastic. Thanks for the recipe. I look forward to seeing more vegan goodness.

bobvise7 says:

Fantastic video, absolutely amazing!

Leslie P says:

I’m going to try this!

Joanne Holmberg says:

Very clever. Who would have thunk

Bernice Sipes says:

Love this recipe can’t wait to try it

Alondra Carreno says:

This looks delicious!!

TheJnervous says:

Genius. Never liked calamari before being vegan. It disgusted me actually. I’d eat the heck out of these though!

IChangedMyMind says:


Flavia Diez says:

Brilliant!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nancy Caccioppo says:

Thank you Thank you Thank you, just moved, giving myself the ultimate treat – I am also making Chocolate Avocado Brownies I want to Bless my home real Good – Happy Saint Valentine’s Day, remember in grammar school you’d give everyone a valentine

Plant-Based Cheapskate says:

Thanks for the recipe. Hubby loves seafood…hopefully this will be a hit!!

Roxanne Ruiz says:

Never clicked so fast on a video. ( I was looking for vegan seafood recipes and saw yours and less than two seconds I already started watching it lol!) Anyways, looks super good!!! A better alternative than the king trumpet mushroom which I couldn’t find one and hearts of palm is yummy!

Angelique OJRiv says:

Your creativity is awesome. Love this idea. And because all your receipes are delicious I Have to added it to my collection of Veggie Rose recipes. Are you ever going to do an Ebook?

mrssmiles80 says:

I made this today. It came out really well. Thanks.

Luigi 24 says:

Finally someone is making legit vegan recipes everyone else sucks

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