The Crabby Shack Seafood Recipes

Gwendolyn Woods and Fifi Bell show us how to make some of their signature seafood recipes from their restaurant, The Crabby Shack.


D Bergmann says:

I hate the rush!!! Always on american TV….

Daniel Furii says:

She is late for work and there is a thousand segments to do LOL bless her

sami ijaz says:

Wendy was not disrespectful at all in this video. Stfu! The interview was amazing to watch. He liked the girls allot. So stop y’all!!!

Littleathquakes says:

made me run out to Sam’s club for 2 pounds of crab legs for $19 in their freezer aisle

J Tenn says:

too bad my black self will no longer travel to the usa for i would’ve definitely paid a visit to this restaurant.

KJ JamaicanBrownin says:

she’s obviously stressed over something.

ITonyfy says:

Today’s show was all hilarious and I was living for it all! A fun mess of a show haha, how you doin, Wendy 🙂 .

Anonymous Lurker says:

I wanna visit so bad, looks delicious!

NaturallyRae says:

The food must’ve been so good. Wendy is a trooper being on television bare and exposed like that.

Eunice Noel says:

omg I love that place my friend is one of the main chef there.

d vc says:

wendy looks like a damn crackhead

Dorissa Marcel says:

Is she not wearing any makeup? She looks better

Sharon Lofton says:

Food looks great!

olivia leslie says:

wendy seems so high here

Abyss Sunflower says:

Wendy’s hair looks like hair from an old barbie doll. The ones you discard during spring cleaning.

Victoria Morrisa says:

Yum! I want to go there

manel manel says:

To the ones saying she was rude I think the Best she could have done was get the attention on the food, I don’t live in the US but still I wanna eat that

Rah L. says:

I made the vegan crab cakes, absolutely delicious!!

Ashley Personal stylist & Broadcaster says:

Ahhhh Wendy at least pretend to be listening to the guests!! This video looks sooooooo rude

morningstar says:

those rolls looked so yummy!!!

Raideretteb Fig says:

“Cousin it”…wig

Carina says:

wendy is so RUDE

Goldengoods says:


Emma Rodgers says:

answer belong pile economy

Final Fantasy says:

Never ate crabs,; never will.

Ashley John says:

Those girls are trying to do their thing and Wendy is just stuffing her face. I live.

Jo says:

The crab shack owner voices are identical wow

Acacius Noir says:

I don’t understand all the butt hurttingness here. She was probably hungry so she started eating it lol. I thought that she was kind tho

Dennisha Edwards says:

i love the realness im a foody too

The Emperor says:

LOL am i the only one who screamed when Wendy asked the girls a question and then started preparing her food with hot sauce right after?

Lisa Abrams says:


selick says:

I love watching these because Wendy is vegan

aroseyglow says:

What a garbage and disrespectful interview. Sorry Crabby Shack, you deserve better.

darth vader says:

wendy didn’t like it

Julie hoskins says:

Y’all always so damn rude in these . There’s no bigger compliment to a cook than someone chowin down on their food.

Marian Marcus says:

Crabs are scavengers.

Justcool Ncurly says:

their restaurant is going to get swamped now!!! wish i was NY

Steven Toro says:

omg this got my mouth watering. i’m over here eating this carrot like its a crab leg.

Chi Waithe says:

“Although She didn’t like me, when she first met me. Now we own businesses together” yessss #BlackGirlsUnited

Ryan Orion says:

i loooooove seafood. i’m so glad it’s right here in Brooklyn where I live.

honeybfly1980 says:

I wanna try their food

MIzhani VUi says:

I’m a Leo and my long time best friend is a Scorpio

ultraqueef says:

loved their personaliyies, invite them back in a year!

Will Chin says:

where’s hot topic?????

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