Spicy seafood and meat mixed noodle soup (Jjamppong: 짬뽕)

Today I’m introducing you to jjamppong, a spicy noodle soup full of seafood, meat, and vegetables!
Full recipe: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/jjamppong

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Tiralynn Eruanna says:

I stumbled upon one of your cooking videos and I am hooked. I have never had Korean food before but now I am going to have to try it. I notice that Korean food uses a lot of what you call hot pepper flakes. I will have to see where I can get this because I do love spicy food. I will have to remember some of the foods that I am interested in and see if I can find a Korean restaurant and try them out.

저나까리모브나 says:

I liked champon

Imane Azab says:

You are amazing I love you

Reza Hosseini says:


doing anything yes!! says:

Im starving when i watch this video

saranya kp says:

She gives me a different state of mind:)))))

wemcal says:

Lovely video… looks delicious

鄭立偉 says:


MR RJ says:

i love you

Julie parsons says:

i love all your vids, im just amazed at the amount of chili. i like a bit of heat but i couldnt manage 1 mouthful of your food before i died,

Hyeongjun Mun says:

Nice nice cooking is fun. i think you have such a beautiful smile 🙂

the red-handed savage says:

I cracked up when she said Hi everybody

Jenela mae Motoy says:

Green onion and leeks ,are they the same?

Josiane de Freitas Marcelino says:

Hello, my name is Josiane and I’m from Brazil.I’m loving knowing the Korean culture and I’m learning with you to prepare some Korean dishes.It seems very good to me, but I’m afraid of being very spicy what you say to me? videos you are charming little by little I will make your recipes.

chelzann92 says:

how are you still so clean?

joon seop yi says:

U are korean ,,,,! Haha

raffy royeca says:

hi maangchi can i use chili paste or the gochujang if i dont have chili powder?

Dorota Grzybowska says:

I love this soup!

Ruri Ai says:

you are an amazing !T^T im so hungry now!

Vlogger From The South says:

I like to remove that skin too..

k smith says:

This guy is not featured anymore! Lol.. Love you!

Marlina Madlan says:

always love your recipe….I’ve been in Korea about past 2month ago….so…I’ve taste Korean food,now I know the real taste is …with ur recipe it help me a lot….love from Malaysia

durvesh patil says:

It look so delicious

Lilli secret says:

i really want to try to make this, but i’m no good with spicy foods ;(( it looks so delicious <3

Mattie Moore says:

This is weird, but is all of the seafood in the soup fully cooked? I’m pregnant and craving it, but I can’t have raw seafood.

Nickie IDRUS says:

Hi Maangchi. I love this recipe. I can’t find this noodles in Australia, can I use egg noodles for this? And I also love seafood. Thank you so much for posting this video.

Peter Stark says:

Can I move in?

Liz Lopez says:

Thanks for all these recipes, was able to add with my Korean food dishes. Easy instructions and easy ingredients. 🙂

AnimeChu says:

gordan ramsay you better watch out

tania lysenko says:

thank you very much for titles in Russian!

Nad Nada says:

The shrimps have no gut! Thats y they were eaten by maangchi xD

Jonny Thong says:

Bonjour! Pour celui qui a fait les traductions en français, faut juste savoir que le Pak Choi n’est pas la meme chose que le Chou Chinois…le chou chinois c’est ce qu’on utilise pour faire le Kimchi (Napa Cabbage), le Pak Choi ressemble a des celeris avec des larges feuilles au bout…faut corriger ça sinon les gens ils vont se confondre avec le mauvais légume!

Naina Khan says:

Very yummy

marivic Flordeliz says:

mouth watering. so yummy!!!

melicia costa says:

Love love ur accent❤️❤️❤️❤️

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