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I’m finally back~!! WOOTWOOT~!!
Since I started working at the restaurant, I really didn’t have any time to film and upload videos.
But I will try my best!!!
Thank you so much for watching my videos, you guys are the best!!! Thank you so much, I love you all!!


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♥ Korean Spicy Seafood Soup Full Recipe :

Korean Spicy Seafood Soup Ingredients:
5″x10″ Dried seaweed, AKA Konbu or Dashima, soaked in 7 cups of water for 20 min
2 Tbs. Sesame oil
2 Tbs. Gochugaru, AKA Korean red pepper flakes
Thumb size ginger, cut into halves smashed
4 Cloves garlic, smashed
2 Green onion, whole
1/4 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
2 dried shiitake mushrooms
1 Fresno, AKA red jalapeño, cut into halves
1/2 of Medium yellow onion, cut into halves
3 Tbs. Fish sauce(3 crabs brand)
10 Clams, soak in salted water for at least 1 hour to get rid of its sand
10 Mussels, cleaned
1/4 cup Calamari, cleaned, cut into 3/4″ rings
4 Large shrimps (16/20), peeled and deveined
8 oz. Fresh/dry udon noodles or fresh ramen noodles, cooked by following the directions of the package you are using
Tong ho AKA Crown daisy for garnish, optional
Enoki mushrooms for garnish, optional
Brown beech mushrooms for garnish, optional
Slices of fresno for garnish, optional
Sliced green onion for garnish, optional


Ella Ramirez says:

love and liked all your vids .. including ur trips ;)) the best Seon :))

Debra Boutom says:

Thanks for your warm cooking!

connie valles says:

You are so sweet. I love your videos.

John Bell says:

She sooo pretty and so sweet! Thats so delicious! I love hot pot! — greetings from Philippines

taufiq busok says:

Perfect for winter season!
Thank you so much this is a really big help.

Jiyeon Ckk says:

Wow that makes me hungry. I love all your cooking … I like to cook like you.
you are so amazing love u☺

Mapz Hmar Zate says:

Maybe due to Asian loves food and have many ways to prepare them i haven’t seen any other continent’s food more fascinating than Asians. While Korea,China and other counties use almost the same technique to prepare food while India also makes its own name globally. No other continent can’t be more rich than Asia.

Jamaican Bacon says:

Looks like bouillabaisse :p

piglette0928 says:

How come you soak the dashima in this recipe and boil it longer? Last time U said it gets gooey

Cawfee Dawg says:

just made this.. it was spectacular

shereen lalla says:

Congratulation on your job.hope you post more cooking.

lookoutism Wan says:

You’re such a sweet person,thanks for teaching how to cook your Korean food.

Ra's Al Ghul says:

And we missed you too sweetheart <3

Jen. C. says:

would green jalapeno work if that’s what I have at home right now? or should I just not add hot pepper at all?

Senji Kiyomasa says:

thinks for the video

kris xaiyasang says:

I love your youtube channel.  you make everything so easy to make without doing all the long steps.  Fighting!!!

Saskia84Uchiha says:


Jaye SC says:

This is a good Jjamppong recipe. I like it! Thanks!

goshadowkenny says:

Skip to 2:10 – That’s when she stops talking and starts cooking.

joel-ashton Starkus says:


magicmia69 says:

Looks so yummy I have to try this 🙂

baby fat says:

ok that’s look great – i want to run out to get these ingredients to try it right away .  Thank u

Miri Baker says:

Yummmy!!! I made mine with a package of frozen seafood, but it was still amazing

Marcus Crump says:

very nice

Neng Lee says:

Could you write the ingredients in the description bix?

Saichii Yoochun says:

Gomawo for this video! I really love it! I will try this at home ♥

maarkybaggio says:

Has anybody tried it?

Jessie Ye says:

we love you too. Thank you for all your great videos! You have really amazing dishes and you make cooking sound so much fun! Please keep on posting 🙂

Riah Sunga says:

congratz ! your a chef !

Paula Alexis says:

OMG, i’m so proud of you! congrats on the job!!! your an amazing funny cook and you deserve it! i hope you still play the kpop in your new kitchen <3 

i love you recipes they make dinner more than just consuming food!
thank you (^_^)/


please keep making video a love your recipe

Daniel Wang says:

love it, no doubt!

queenlenq15 says:

You’re so awesome! I look forward to all you’re videos! They’re the best! 🙂

Angela Bucsit says:

Def.going to cook these! Thank you!

bo reddude says:

Do you know how to make korean crab stew? Can you post a recipe for it?

jst 1060 says:

so high in salt.

rijju ranjit says:

I love the way you present it every time. And the food looks soo good I watch your videos everytime I eat at home.

Jason Moo says:

you try too hard. tbh, personalty seems so fake. hard to watch

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