Simple and Tasty Seafood Paella

Now the host of HUNGRY’s ‘Bites & Booze: Gluten Free’ and ‘Gluten Free with Alex T,’ Alex Thomopoulos shares a simple and delicious recipe for tasty seafood Paella. Like traditional Paella, Alex’s recipe combines the flavors of fresh seafood, saffron, and veggies. This dish is perfect for a romantic dinner or as a special meal for the family.

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Joseth Williams says:

this is dumb this doesnt show u

Romeo James says:

girl you rock awesome Iove Spanish food especially pallia it’s good

InTranceITrust says:

wow she’s soo..

Michael MM says:

Sorry, but no jalapegno in paella

Reddylion says:

nice but show food more not your faces.

Reginald Gelin says:

you freaking talk too much, and adding ingredients without saying what they are….

Joffery Lanaster says:

its pronounced pie-ella you Moran!

chinkee treadway says:

seriously?! i dont understand coz you talk alot blah blah.. instead of giving the exact ingredients.duhhh..

johnjames lee says:

when u cooking..d,t talk!

BBBYpsi says:

She is beautiful but tell everyone to shut up so she can tell you how to cook it. What was the liquid she put in the pot was never able to tell us because they yenti’s talking over her.

Chris Collins says:

this totally sucked

Chubby Luna says:

Problem with cooking paella in a cast iron skillet is that it gets too hot even at medium heat that the rice has a high probability of getting burned. The reason for using a paella pan traditionally made of carbon steel is that it gets hot fast but once the heat is reduced in the last few minutes of cooking, the danger of getting the rice burned and bitter is virtually low. Unless of course, you turned your back while cooking it. Besides, the socarrat (caramelized rice) is formed in the last 2 minutes of cooking on high heat. You never finish it in the oven otherwise there will be no socarrat which is the essence of a good paella.

Sam Wong says:

these guys so annoying

Elie Iskandar says:

great show except for the male whore screaming for attention every 2 seconds for an empty useless comment just to scream hey look at me and my fake smile.

Marinos S says:

Nice !!!

Alan Cox says:

I would try this recipe, but the sight of that hideous Stacy Dash just killed it for me.

Marinos S says:

Here is mine :p

Love drizzle says:

The Moors introduced this dish to Spain. The Muslim Arabs ruled Spain for 800 years from 711 AD until 1492!!

Romeo James says:

never mind that clown

Umm Nimrah says:

quantity no where metioned

Gina Davies says:

piella is pronounced piehya the lls r silent girl but I still think ur funny

kimfads says:

it is baeya, arabic word for left overs, بقايا that is what it is , left overs, fish, chiken, rice etc….

Ramon E Alvarez says:

Stop talking and give the damn recipe and explain what youre doing!!! ughhhhhhhhhh!!! skipping this one!

carmen Rodriguez says:

yuo talk to much

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