Seafood Tagliatelle Recipe | Theo Randall

Chef Theo Randall shows you how to make a simple pasta with squid, monkfish, prawns and scallops.
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monasteryification says:

he never wipes his hands before touching anything after touching raw food lol, i would have failed my cooking class if ive done that

Josh joshpass says:

what brand of jarred tomatoes do you use in all your tomato recipes?

Ludolf Ebner says:

why is the fish not quickly fried beforehand? wouldnt it make a nice taste??

kath kath says:

what is this kind of ingredients in a jar?

Kinghercules says:

Love your videos!!
Im learning alot.

siemenssx1 says:

uggghh why waste those extra seafood and pasta? pointless wastage, should’ve just cooked all of ingredients

Orion's Star says:

Do you have a recipe book available out there?

Nodarsan says:

love whole Recipe , Scallop is my weakness.

marie Savino says:

Just NO!

Mari Sol says:

Chef, you should have your own show…love, love, love your recipes !

Ahmed Zaki says:

What brand is this jar of tomatoes, and where can I buy it?

safra yoosuf says:

looks yum and amazing…

KL Tah says:

why don’t you use fresh tomatoes? won’t those taste better? i always feel using canned/bottled food is a little bit of a cop out.

melon scoffer says:

The comment “or even a supermarket i suppose” to buy the fish is so off putting , elitist and patronising to the majority of the UK and i would imagine perhaps most people in the world.
I am lucky enough to have a brilliant fishmongers shop a couple of minutes walk away. However this is because I live a few steps from where the fishing boats come in and there is fish and seafood aplenty.
I have lived in inland where the only choice would be a supermarket and I would be pleased to buy it there.  We dont all have suppliers bringing top produce to the Park Lane Hotel for us and you Mr Randall should remember this.

Max Payne3 says:

If yr gonna cook seafood pasta u need to add a glass of white wine to the sauce and cook fish abit longer……

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