Have you ever heard of Seafood Spaghetti Carbonara ? No? Well now you have!! Watch my first ever video recipe filmed in my home town ‪Pescara‬ , Italy‬ on the ‪BEACH‬ with one of my biggest inspirations…my ‪#‎DAD‬
He is the best self-taught ‪‎seafood‬ cook ever and I can’t wait tor you to enjoy the fun we get up to while you learn this original ‪‎DELICIOUS‬ dish.
Watch the ‪‎video‬ ‪‎recipe‬

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Spaghetti Seafood Carbonara

600g Calamari (cut into small pieces)
400g King Prawns
200g Mussels (Steamed and removed from Shell)
1kg Spaghetti (Get a good brand please )
Sea Salt
5L water

1 x 5L pot
1 x large deep pan
1 x wooden spoon
1 x pasta strainer
A set of tongs
1. Add a generous amount of EVOO to the pan on a low heat.
2. When the oil is warm add 600g of calamari and cook for about 15minutes. Stir it every now and then.
3. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl and add a pinch of salt. Also add a pinch of salt to the calamari.
4. Once the water boil add a generous pinch of salt.
5. The start cooking the spaghetti.
6. Now add the prawns and cook them for a couple of minutes, then add the mussels too and stir well
7. Occasionally stir the pasta as it begins to cook. Do this to make sure it cooks perfectly.
8. Now add a few spoons of the flavoured sauce to the boiling water as it gives a nice flavour to the pasta. Every little detail counts.
9. Once the spaghetti are cooked, add it in the saucepan and mix together well. Turn the heat off.
10. Pour the beaten egg mix on the pasta and carefully stir the egg through. Just like you are making normal carbonara, but careful not to scramble the eggs.

1. Using a large flat white plate, place a twirl of pasta in the centre and decorate with extra pieces of seafood.
2. Sprinkle some chopped parsley if you like. It gives a nice colour.
E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!


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Watch the video recipe:


Luvin Our Life says:

Nice to meet your Dad. Love all the cooking you do outside, in the beautiful areas!!

Shaz Green says:

That looks delicious! I think I’ll try this next time I make carbonara!


I just made spaghetti meatballs! haha definitely love this

Nikki Harris says:

How could this not come out fantastic? Anything with calamari is a winner!
Your dad is so relaxed about everything, he looks wonderful.

Vincenzos Plate says:


Undiagnosed Fella says:

This is Life….I’m so envy of you and your family

Cynthia K. says:

Another fantastic dish. Nice to meet your dad! I see where you get your handsomeness. 😉

Texas Style Cuisine says:

That does look tremendous. I will be trying that one very soon.

veronica borromeo says:

Aaaa allora sei italiano .complimenti per la videocamera la sua alta definizione rendono tutti i tuoi videoclip Molto nitidi

blanchetv says:

I could dive head first into that pot of goodness, loooove seafood, and seafood on the beach is even better!

Thuy Bong says:

Im torturing myself by watching your cooking in the middle of the night! The plate looks delish, i’ll need to try it soon.

TheSquishyMonster says:

2 thumbs up for cooking and grubbing at the beach! This is awesome, Vincenzo!

jhoanne mia says:

i must to try this..looks so yummy

The Ditzy Channel (Disney Toys Surprise Eggs) says:

That seafood spaghetti carbonara looks absolutely scrummy!! Great setting too!

Barbara cherryglimmer says:

Complimenti per la creatività 🙂 Tutti molto simpatici.

TheWolfePit says:

WOW Now that’s my kind of day at the beach and food! Excellent excellent Vince!!!

Benjamin Sishuh says:

thank you! fantastic seafood Carbonara, i was amazed you didn’t add any Garlic, White wine and onion! looks amazing!

thatjoelmaguireguy says:

I love that you filmed this on a beach and it was lovely to meet your Dad! Now to get both of your parents on together. Loving the seafood recipes btw!!

Danish & Aniko says:

Cool video n Yummy Food! Like it! Hey guys can u check out our new family channel, tell us what u think, Share, Liken N sub, THANKS, in advance 🙂

celso guajardo villarreal says:

que hambre me dio. saludos.

JennysCountryChannel says:

Thats awesome Vincenzo! Yummi, looks so delicious. Fantastic recipe from your dad. Thank you for sharing. I subbed your channel. Have a great new week….Jenny

ChaosKitchen51 - man n Kocht-essBar - says:

yummy yummy, your seafood spahgetti looks so delicious wow. nice recipe, thanks for sharing here.. greetings Tom

The Men With No Facial Hair says:

More like 200 grams of MUSCLE!!! Nice six pack Vincenzo haha 🙂 +1

Cheryl K says:

AWESOME!!!! How nice you and your dad cooking together!!! This recipe looks wonderful too!!! Looks like a nice day at the beach. Great video!!! 🙂

OrsaraRecipes says:

Pescara is very nice! We once stayed in Silvi Marina. The dish looks delicious!

Aris1956 says:

E bravo Vincenzo ! ….Hai aspettato che finisse l’estate in Europa, per poi farla “ritornare” con questo bel video …..evvaiii !!! 😉
Certo che se tu avessi voluto “sfamare” tutta la spiaggia, avresti avuto bisogno di un pentolone tipo mensa dell’esercito . 😉
PS: bella idea di trasferire la cucina sulla spiaggia e preparare questo bel piatto….e poi tutti in coro a dire…”e ora si mangia” !! ….ed io aggiungo…..e buon appetito !!!

Greg Charchuk says:

I see you come by your cooking ability honestly Vincenzo! My thanks to your father for this wonderful  recipe! My father was a butcher, and his mother had her own restaurant in Hamilton , Ontario.

Simply Nataly says:

Nice!The dish looks delicious.How hot is over there now? I was there winter time and it was like 70 degrees. Love it!

Marlon Doll says:

Holy, you must have made everyone on the beach jealous with the smell.

AE OE says:

Good stuff, thanks for including the recipe as text in the description, I appreciate it 😀

Lucrezia MacFarlane says:

I’m going to try it..Love love love seafood!!! Thank you !

Duty Free Critic by M.Dee says:

Ok, I don’t think I’ve ever had any type of seafood in a pasta before. This looks great.

Tapio Alatalo says:

In our home 1kg of spaghetti with sauce feeds 3
Me: 700g
Mom and Dad: 150g each
Is there something wrong with me
Hey Vincenzo! I did the Spaghetti Carbonara it was great and i even did it in vocational school so thank you for that and i can’t wait for more awesome recipes of yours

Christopher David Atmadja says:

I can see that you and your dad have been eating well Vincenzo 🙂

EZGlutenFree says:

Oh My God Vincenzo! That looks amazing. Your dad is a brilliant man.
Between your mother and your father you have inherited a lot of talent in the kitchen.

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