Seafood Paella Recipe – How to Make Authentic Seafood Paella

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Do you have a favorite dish or an International restaurant that you regularly go to because they always make things just the way you like? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Welcome World Cuisine demystifies International food and shares the secrets behind popular restaurant dishes including Pad Thai, Tikka Massala, Pho, Sushi, and more!

See how to make seafood paella, the traditional Spanish rice dish that’s loaded with fresh seafood, including shrimp, clams, and calamari. In the video, you’ll discover techniques for building flavor in your paella from the experts at Tango restaurant.

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Monti Gabbana says:

that looks good  I wanna make piaiella

Jose Sastre Martinez says:

this is not authentic paella

nolita84 says:

I’m afraid this is not paella

lanalangundercover says:

mexicano can cook.

Ram Lem says:

The real paella, is without oregano or thyme, only garlic, and good and healthy veg. Good quality of rice , green pepper, delicious

MrGuaGui says:

Hey people! Welcome to the 21st century! People change, language changes (even within the same country), and cooking recipes and methods change! The hamburger that we eat in the USA is way different from the original one, for example. Thank God that we leave in a time of more abundance and variety, we can experiment and experience different styles and versions of one thing. Relax and enjoy the creation of THIS chef. If you don’t like it, make it yourself, and post the video.

Edgar Soria says:

“Authentic ” paella is usually not stirred and the shrim is cooked first and paella usually has saffron. This isn’t as important but it is also cooked in a wood fire oven.

beauty mAY says:

Any kind of rice.

Carlos Bellmunt Mata says:

Seguramente tendrá buen sabor. Pero, porqué le llama paella?

Sons of Scullery says:

This looks great shout out from Sons Of Scullery please Check out our cooking show on our channel!

Reddylion says:

nice !

sergio rives says:

Arrrgg!! I’m spanish, what is this shit? First frie onion, green and red pepper and garlic. After the squid and cuttlefish is fried with the sauce. And then tomato and white wine. Never paprika. The species does not carry paella, saffron only!

jusue avila says:

Saludos amigo una sorpresa mirarte en este video éxito

Jaime Garcia says:

+Sergio rives mal parido porque no lo haces tu maricon hijo de las MIL PUTAS es solo una version stupid of shit mama vergas

lgeo Lore says:


whoareyou2me says:

Can you PLEASE turn down the background music a bit? It’s hard to hear the people. If I turn it up, the music gets louder too. Ugh.

turtlepowersf says:

To all you paella elitists, flavor doesn’t give a shit about tradition or authenticity! I guarantee this is delicious. Plus I’m sure there are about a million different variations even in Spain, why are his variations unacceptable? I bet if the guy was from Spain people would just take his word that it’s authentic, but since he’s Mexican, all the Europeans are having a shit fit. Just ’cause you washed dishes in a Spanish restaurant before doesnt mean you know any more than this clearly skilled chef.

Juan Lopez says:

I heard you like paella so I added a seafood paella to your valencian paella so you can eat paella while you eat paella.

CraftMaster Prath says:

My Spanish Book told me how to make Paella….

Esther Haber says:

This is not authentic the real paella has saffron and chicken in it that is the recipe I am trying to find. I worked at a spanish restaurant this is an amazing dish when prepared correctly

hwoods01 says:

Those peas look *AWESOME* 

guillermolangle says:

it has nothing to do with paella… it might be good, but it’s not a paella

and even if you’re cooking a “seafood paella” (which is not the genuine), the ingredients are about right but the process is not

dennnis2781 says:

Beaner in North America still a beaner in Europe. Lol

Gary Y. says:

Isn’t that music just a slowed-down version of the Windmill Isle-Day Theme from Sonic Unleashed?

Heather Jordan says:

Get over it. There are many ways to make food! I’m black and everybody thinks they can make collard greens, fried chicken, mac and cheese, potato salad, yams. Lol… food is what you like.

pat raj says:

Chef, what is the water to rice ratio ?

Reg Redhill says:

If you listen carefully, he actually says that it that this is a ‘fusion’ dish. It’s the sub-title that states this is ‘authentic’.

10skyluv says:

I love paella sometimes I cook with thymes & basil but rosemary and saffron are the best … everyone has their own version of paella and it’s just good

Fabiano Carlos says:

So much complaining in the comments. I can’t understand. Did people really watch the video? It has peas, beans, saffron and parsley.

Lumpy Q says:

Yes that is a beautiful Dish. I like that Chef, he is very passionate about his creations. I really like that.

No Name says:

The Cuban paella is probably the best paella yup u could go with. This guy adds lobster stock to substitute for real lobster. I can see with the ingredients he uses he likes to cut corners. Very sad. I would like to see original dishes stay original

Cicropio scarpone says:

You mess it up when you added the rosemary

Pandaelim says:

Sitting at school after class and starving lol…so I came here ha


This is a bullshit of paella. I am from spain….i watch this joke video. Many people are being scammed.

Dave Kos says:

Why does he take out the shellfish only to return them later and cook for more time? Isn’t it so as to not overcook it? But he covers the pan and cook it for longer. I’m confused

irateyourvideo2 says:


Joseph Charles says:

“It’s good to wait, you know, for *this* paella.” 😉 Well said.

xAnaaa21x says:

looks delicious!

TheKubiKo_Vlog says:

Autjhentic seafood Paella???? jjajajajaj,, aggghhhhh!! I`m spanish and the recipe this video is not original recipe for paella…Nice.

Keith Nicholls says:

Maybe not authentic but an excellent recipe, better even than many  of  the Paella meals I  have tried in Spain  over the years. In fact while in Sitges one year we were so disappointed with what was on offer we made our own Paella with ingredients from their amazing market.

Anders Lindh Olsson says:

Whatcha talking about?


God I hate that cheesy yuppie Acoustic music

Inner Beauty Makeup by Nicole says:

Great recipe!

ElCid48 says:

This poor man here is making some kind of Mexican Rice, not paella. Nowadays any outsider can cook a so-called “paella” and call it that way and people who have never been in Spain or eaten paella in their lives will be easily deceived and fall for it. Usually REAL paella is a moderately priced dish. I would be wary of restaurants outside Spain, with non-Spanish cooks, that serve “paella” and charge you extra for what is not.

There’s a REAL Spanish restaurant in Connecticut, USA, that serves REAL paella. The owner is from Galicia but since I was born in Valencia I can tell the real thing from a fake and I’ve been going there for 25 years without any complain. They serve other good dishes typical from Spain as well.
Now, some of you may think that because it’s a “Spanish” dish it’s also related to Latin America. In other words, like some ignorant dudes say “Aw, it’s the same shit” and mix Mexican with Chilean, and Cuban, and flamenco, and rumba, and so forth, Hollywood style.
I remember the instance when some Americans arrived at this particular restaurant in Connecticut and after sitting there and reading the menu they asked the waiter if they served burritos and other Mexican stuff. The waiter called the owner and the owner told them, in good terms, to get lost. I was at the next table enjoying paella with my American wife and we had a good laugh afterwards at the ignorance of some people.

And another thing. There are some commenters here who think that they know more about paellas than Spaniards themselves and call us elitists and all kinds of names. We just don’t give a rat’s rear end (culo de rata) about their criticism. They may as well go blowin’ in the wind and go screw somewhere else.

Wadesterful says:

This paella dish looks fantastic!  Everyone has their own spin apparently on how to make it, but this looks delicious.   What time is dinner?   I’ll be right over!

CanaldeTEST says:


Jim Cawood says:

no skill at all. He makes La Paella incorrectly

nitelite78 says:

No smoked paprika? No peppers, peas, beans? No parsley?

I feel it is missing some vibrant colours and flavours.

If someone said they don’t like lemon on a seafood paella I would tell them to get out….go buy a McDonald’s or something.

Stephanie Wilson says:

OMG I’m Hungry it looks incredible

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