Seafood Doria Recipe シーフードドリア 作り方 レシピ

How to Make Seafood Doria シーフードドリアの作り方 字幕表示可 材料(日本語)↓ (serves 2)
20g Butter (0.7 oz)
2 tbsp Cake Flour or substitute: all purpose flour
300ml Milk (1.27 cups)
½ tsp Salt
White Pepper
1 Bay Leaf
80g Onion, roughly chopped (2.8 oz)
50g Mushrooms, shiitake and shimeji (1.8 oz)
100g Seafood Mix, frozen (3.5 oz)
1 tbsp White Wine

180ml Rice (6.1 fl oz)
60g Onion, chopped (2.1 oz)
30g Carrot, chopped (1.1 oz)
⅓ Chicken Bouillon Cube
30g Pizza Cheese (1.1 oz)
½ tbsp Butter
Parsley Leaves
White Pepper

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Theresa Jones says:

I think I made this on cooking mama once

そうくんパラシテ says:


Hazel Val says:

I’m gonna try this..thank you for the receipe

Winny nia says:

these all makes my saliver comes hungry xD.all is my fav jap food @_@

Simon Douville says:

it’s almost french cuisine! Awesome! like to see a japaneese twist to something i’m used to eat! never tought about having «un gratin de fruits de mer à la sauce béchamel» on rice i’ll try it for sure!

Henry Crivelaro says:

3:25 listen to this


Plz Liek Comment for dank meme says:

That dog gave me nightmares

Farley Svenson says:

I just love playing your videos while doing homework. The combination of Francis’s narration and the relaxing background music is just wonderful! Also, yummy food makes me happy 🙂 

RebelPiggy says:

This dish has become a special dinner dish in our home.

Janet Dillingham says:

I kept telling my dog Magatha (christie) to hush until I realized it was Francis!

3forte says:

This recipe was so good, that even my culinary racist of a dad loved it.

wesam al says:


whatever says:

What if i don’t want to use the wine? What else can i use?

Nicholas Nace says:

Is this one or two servings? I have a six person household but I think they’d love this

Nisar Khan says:

Love japan

KUROBLK350 says:

Made this tonight and everyone love it!

Toxic Phantom says:

What piano music did you use in this video? It’s so soothing & relaxing! *Link to it would be nice. ^_^

Daniela Chamorro says:

Oh merciful Lord this looks lovely!! I’m salivating. Great channel (: Subscribed already!

Austin Le says:

it looked like she burned her mouth at 3:26 lolol

babylonastronaut says:

Francis is so excited to eat the doria!

Carlyn Estigoy says:

would it taste good on pasta i wonder… im hungry now!!! LOL pls answer tho, thx!!!

misslilila says:

how about adding some nutmeg to the white sauce!

regragui neken says:


Yasmin Guzon says:

Watching this at 3 AM and its making me so hungry!!

HopefulWriter14 says:

is there no Japanese word for seafood?

srainy says:

i’ve made this several times since the video was uploaded and it’s sooooo delicious even though i always feel a little guilty every time because it’s so rich.

Nick Maass says:

francis wants some!

Daniela Chamorro says:

Oh merciful Lord this looks lovely!! I’m salivating. Great channel (: Subscribed already!

横澤楓 says:


IVÁN DT says:


TigerZ777 & Co. says:

Doris just want to eat what grandma’s making. Also me!

Malice Bubblez says:

Nice touch with the final fantasy music at the begining 🙂

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