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Seafood Boil Recipe made indoors. All you need is a regular pot, and the ingredients which can be found here

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Thank you for watching my video. I hope it was useful, and I hope that you will give this recipe a try. Some recipes maybe high in fat, sugar, and salt, so please eat in moderation!


rhonda lessner says:

Looks delicious and I bet it tasted even better! I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so seafood is just a way of life. So sorry for the person who is allergic! 🙁
My husband is deathly allergic too, so that does stink. Totally enjoyed your video!

Regis Kelly says:

i am a sophmore in college, male, and i hate cooking, not anymore, dude ur channel is awesome and i can wait to make this, i cant wait all year to go home n ask my mom to make it, so im going to have to do it haha, thanks rosie u rock! also i like the friend chicken recipe and the chili one pretty sick!!

ShangSoHai says:

Watched this and made it today !! Omg it was on point!!! Thank u

Rye Gingerale says:

good lord that looks amazing

Korea4Me says:

OMG! Heaven on a plate xx

Kulinary Kreations says:

Great looking seafood boil Rosie! YUMMY! Thanks for sharing! Take care 🙂

Quincy Delsoin says:

Yes ma’am my husband is going to love me more… Girl u gon have a sista in the kitchen for old time sake.. Thank you for sharing your talent and yes beautiful I subscribe you are my new BFF smooches.

shashayaway bailey says:

Who do u make all this deliciousness for??? I need to know who helps u eat this lol .. I’m jealous

Antoniette Qimaqima says:

That looks so delicious, I like how you added clams

TwoChainzzanaWang says:

Dat looks easier than I thought yes ma’am I will b trying dis rite here!!
Have a gr8 day.

jaylovebank84 says:

You really read my mind..I had yellow grits and said umm shrimp would go good..I can’t wait

Mo Stylez says:

 I love all your videos!

Jazzmin Glass says:

This is a great video

only devonly says:

I can’t wait to make this! Looks so delicious.

trevor bell says:

I’m officially impressed…will be making this – Thanks for showing.

Gina Bellamy says:

Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Teanna kaabua says:

I truly love your cooking , looks so delish! ♥

Noemi Villena says:

This looks yummy! I am from the Philippines, and my family loves seafood boil. Keep up the good work!

S. Elizabeth says:

Thank you… this is by far the easiest recipe for Sea Food Boil that I have found, I am def. going to try it.

willydawgs says:

So did you save the broth for use with something else?  It looks so good, I’d be temtped to reuse somehow!  YUM.

aaronismrbig says:

Thanks for the motivation, I’m gonna try this out.

Ultradude says:

I love that traditional newspaper ink taste!  Mmmm Mmmm

akapam57 says:

I must try. we our’s a little different on Maryland. and oldbay is a must and beer

Joseph White says:


jazziemarie says:

I’m going to try making this this weekend

Ashley Barrera says:

Amazing !!!!!! I’m starving right now !! You make it look easy :)!!

Michael Giron says:

dude yessss seems like a legit recipe.

764marion says:

another good one rosie!  Thanks!

MsRouge2000 says:

Perfect as usual!!!   AWSOME!!!!

Bethzaida Vasquez says:

were the potatoes and corn cooked before you added them into the boil?

rudiger ramiro says:

looks easy….thanks a lot, im going to do this for my wife

Fedia Alcius says:

This video makes me hungry and im craving sea food .

Toti Soti says:

My family adds artichokes and mushrooms to our seafood boil

Mona James says:

“They were on sale so I grabbed them”

Girl, ain’t that truth. Love your videos!!!

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