Seafood Boil Mukbang FEAT TAE’S CAJUN SPICY BUTTER SAUCE RECIPE (King Crab/Blue Crab/Clams)

COME HAVE DINNER WITH US for our Thanksgiving special mukbang featuring king crab, blue crab and clams.


Indris LiAven says:


Norma Vasquez says:

Was your daughter’s name

Dupree Burdety says:

that looks good as heck

Britt Ballenger says:

New to y’all channel but definitely this finna be my new favorite ppl on YouTube

Belqiis Abdulahi says:

You are always having seafood can’t can’t you have something else

Liza Miller says:

Go Back And Finsh The Video!!!

DD on the low says:

Yall such a good couple

Daniel Alvarez says:

You are dum

Taylor Roberson says:

I love crabs

Roberson twins says:

Is tae is a doy

Jordyn Mckinnon says:

I am so happy your guys’s relationship is working out my last relationship was a total fail he told me to give him all the money I had and would never just admire that we were together and that we were supposed to be in love and all he wanted from me was money. By the way I wish i was there with you guys .keep up the good work Lou and keep aiming for what you dream to do. Tae and you keep up the good work for doing that sauce I tried it with my last seafood meal and man that stuff was amazing

Stephanie Sotelo says:

I loved the butter sauce. I didn’t go as hot, but now I wish I would have because mine wasn’t as spicy. It sure did bring everything together!

Danielle Crecelius says:

857 luo tongue was white

crazysexyny28 says:

It looks good to me

tara Cates says:

I am eating the same thing 2018

Chantell Wilkie says:

We like I like your food you’re doing is awesome what is the recipe for that

Erikia Holloway says:

I love all y’all mukbang especially seafood makes me hungry for it Lou your a great cook

Gizelle Laster says:

Lots of crabs and seafood

Anna Croy says:

Wait Lou has a daughter

Taylor Roberson says:

I love Fred’s

Jasmin Musgrave says:

I really wanna try crab because I have only had that fake crab and I don’t like it so I really wanna try it

QueenTiffers says:

Yes that mustard be good as hell lol

Chamiyah Stephens says:

And also Tae should do them in order like a series or something . 1. When you can found out
2. Your first time
3. How y all met
And other thing

Ryuzo Blair says:

My grandmother and I really liked your butter sauce we tried it today and it was very delicious (even though I forgot the tobasaco sauce) She loves spicey foods since she’s from Louisiana

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