(recipe mukbang) SPICY SEAFOOD BOIL w. Blue crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Andouille, calamari Mukbang!

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CouldyT says:

Maryland blue crab where i came

surfingshewolf says:

You ate the shrimp skin and legs too?!? That doesn’t bug you? The texture?

salsa salsa says:


Beth Castillo says:

I feel your wasting the crab by not cracking them open and taking the meat out which I’m not meaning it in a rude way your choice also the shrimp is better peeled with out the shell

LivingnotExisting says:

Great video!!! thank you for sharing!

indiaidni says:

Cooking mama

Nasiyah Davis says:

She ate the shell

Ashley A says:

It’s been so long since I’ve watched a video of yours omg how I missed it !

Leilla Rosselaire says:

I’m too creeped by those pointy shrimp heads.. I would be afraid to touch them, let alone put them in my mouth lol

Beth Castillo says:

Also the sauce and food looks yummy

Varyusha Tarskya says:

자막을 러시아어로 작성하십시오.

Candy Lee says:

Me looking for the comments where they bash her for her sauce…

Nyla Caradine says:

your voice is sooooo soothing ! you are like the only person I like talking before eating

Thư Lê says:

You can sub English???pls

briabreezy says:

that bloves be hittin dont it

Edneia Borges says:

A salsicha…. Ela não gostou… Comeu um pedaço, fez cara feia e não comeu mais. Provavelmente tava horrível… A cara dela não nega.

BEAST143ILY says:

bento box…plssss 🙂 nice crunches in this vid!

B Holmes says:

Why are y’all mad though? If people reference Blove, it’s because her videos brought seafood boils to the forefront of social media, and it’s linking people together. Who tf cares if she’s being talked about… stop trying to knock people down all the f***in time! This black woman has inspired 100’s of other videos, and entertained people along the way. Your comment, is exactly why tf every other culture succeeds in business, and we can’t. If you don’t have something nice, or at least something constructive, shit tf up! I don’t see that she’s getting sued by any restaurants, so it’s obviously not the same. I also saw her video saying she has a distributor, and her shit will be on the shelves soon. She’s living her best life, while y’all on here sneak dissing. Good luck on being blessed in your own life. Y’all are mean and miserable

Xxwolf GamerxX says:

This is thanksgiving 😀

Shanda Douglas says:

I thought I was the only person that ate the entire shrimp. That’s where ALLLLL THE FLAVOR IS… I don’t time to peel that ISH OFF!!!!! YUMMMMYY

Nanis Sunny says:

Wow! You eat the shall and all on the shrimp?

limahwalker says:

with all that food she could of shared with a homeless person so much food just wow love sea food

Anguska says:

I am not subscribed to Keemi but I have to mention to people that from the beginning she has been pretty creative with her recepies. I doubt that she is Ben watches Bloveslife. I don’t like the way she eats it’s disturbing. Keemi is a good cook and truly enjoys food. Bloveslife only puts stuff that people will watch. Her sauce sucks. Keen I’d sauce looks legit

Linaya Berry says:

Why didn’t you peel the shrimp ?

Tracey Smith says:

Not cheesy…. someone needed that message!

Maria Romero says:

Anyone know what portable cooktop she’s using?

Tsfyne Bronzbomshll says:

did she just eat the shrimp shell? i could be wrong

Qwerty says:

i envy ur skin

7.5M views says:

Keemi is the original mukbang queen in America.

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