Louisiana Spicy Shrimp Recipe (Boiling Crab – Whole Sha-Bang Style)

Good for up to 3.5 to 4 lbs of shrimp!

Now you can make Boiling crab’s The Whole Sha-bang seasoned seafood in the comfort of your home! This step-by-step guide is easy to follow and is extremely close to the real thing. Your friends and family will be so impressed!


eagles562 says:

Bitch is this certified?

agtune says:

Hi, I want to try this, but I have a question, why is the water white ? Did you add something in it ? Thank you and keep going !

Sandy Ayala says:

omg I did it! it’s yummy bye bye boiling crab Thanks for the video

manny cabal says:

And now that you have all the ingredients , check your blood pressure, sugar levels and dont forget the tums and pepto bismol

Rowmaniax says:

Washing seafood in fresh water? And you have a cooking channel? Goodbye.

lts8709 says:

They should monetize this video

Andy Black says:

The antennas legs peels eyes head tail all on? Why? Fight it.

Cesar Flores says:

how many lb of shrimp is that

Dulce Godinez says:

tried it-loved it! I’ve never been to the Boiling Crab (I’m a Boathouse fan) but this recipe comes very very close to it. I did decrease the Old Bay seasoning and the cayun seasoning to one tbs each because I found it just a tad too salty the next morning when I was having left over. thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

Greg Esposito says:

I will make this recipe. But can I print this out on my printer? Or do I have to write this all down?

A VYAS says:

amazing dish thnk u

Janie S says:

does it have to be unsalted butter?

David Kaiser says:

I have done it turns out great, but my ingredients don’t totally dissolved and I have been doing it for even more than 30 minutes at sometimes it seems like a clutter to the bottom of the pan???? What am I doing wrong

Angelalisa Pitts says:

good idea

Kathy Tsou says:

This is a great recipe for the taste but when I first made it, the sauce would be really “grainy” due to all the spices. It was also on the saltier side. To make the sauce slightly thicker and to get rid of the “graininess”, take a cup of the boiled shrimp water and add 3 tbsp of cornstarch mix the water and cornstarch and then mix it into the sauce. I did it while the shrimp was already in the sauce so I just stirred it over low heat for a few minutes and it did dissolve the spices and thickened the sauce! It didn’t dilute the taste! Good luck!

Shugger AnnSpyce says:

awww damn 3 arms at 3:10 lol

Juandel Williams says:


Chase PESO says:

imagined if you breaded them bad boys and then fried them up lol

Ilovewhitegirl143 says:

Southern people’s eating are similar to south East Asian people’s. southern foods is mouth watering

David Kaiser says:

The seasoning never fully desolves, no matter how long I cook in the butter. Any help????

Philedssa Gustus says:


Sinead Talbot says:

it’s shrimp in a bag!

Freddy Flintsone says:

I’m from New Orleans and haven’t seen shrimp cooked like this, but it does look like a great recipe that I’ll be trying real soon! Thanks for the video.

Chessie B says:

gonna try this…looks amazing

Carlos Trevino says:

Put the ingredients in the description thanks

D.Steele says:


devon puryear says:

I think I might be doing it wrong, my dick is stuck in the oven door.

felicia b. says:

I live in Louisiana, and instead of putting shrimp in lemon water put the shrimp directly into the cajun mixture and cook. Than take the lemon and squeeze over or serve beside the dish. You will find the shrimp is juicer and taste better and the flavor is off the chain. try it!

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