Japanese Street Food – $600 GIANT RAINBOW LOBSTER Sashimi Japan Seafood


Cutespud Fan says:

Why would someone kill such a beauty for food?!

bluezinnia847 says:

Greedy, spoiled rich…just like Trump thinks he is…..taking advantage of our universe at all costs.

My Name says:

Meat is murder

Петрович Младший says:

Реклама часто. Минус

Legal High says:

For butthurt people wanting to keep this lobster as a pet.

Nigga we supposed to eat lobster and other shit. Not watch them. Even tho it’s beautiful. Its not like eating one will kill the species, and lobsters are not even endangered

Solartii :3 says:

I love how they put a lobster in a salmon box, imagine if somebody try thought it was actual salmon

Kemilly Cristine says:

Oh my God

Cheng Rui Zhang says:

Oh my god. The oil is fucking dirty.

Marcelo zona sul says:

Batata credo

Andres Kreimann says:

I just could not see this video. It’s so sad to see this kind of things.

Marcus J says:

I don’t get it. It’s beautiful. Why eat it. It most likely tastes like the rest. It’s probably rare. And you’re just gonna throw the shell away. Weirdos.

Sebasxd Gonzales Valdes says:

Chinos asquerosos

Hsjs Hsh says:

للاسف مقرف، مستحيل ااكله

Aditya says:

I hope it tastes as good as it looks.


No meat is worth $600. dollars. What took them a $20.00 fishing trip to catch a lobster and they want to charge you $600.00………huge profits. No meat is even worth $100.00 as a matter of fact.

Mani_ vk says:

Alguien español ? :v

Mateus Silva says:

A unha desse cara é sebosa. Nem usa luva … Nunca que como no Japão.

Hipolito Grimaldi Jimenez Villao says:

El ultimo plato se lo ve sabroso

Paul N. says:

The same people saying “what a beautiful creature” are the same ones eating burgers and chicken wings daily lol. It’s food. If you don’t eat it another animal will.

Papyrus The Skeleton says:

Guys, it’s food

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