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Y’ALL HAVE BEEN ASKING…so Lou and I have finally come through with Tae’s spicy butter seafood boil sauce- CALLED THE “BANG BANG SAUCE”. Check out the ingredient list below and follow along with the video to have your very OWN butter sauce!

– 4 sticks of butter (use more for a larger party)
– 3 lemons
– 2 small chopped onions
– 20 garlic cloves
– 1 tbs Garlic Powder
– 1 tbs Onion Powder
– 1 tbs Black Pepper
– 1 tbs Tabasco
– 1 tbs Crushed Red Pepper
– .5 tbs Crispy Chili Oil
– 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
– 1 tsp Paprika
– 1 tsp Olive Oil
– 4 tbs Old Bay


RaJeene' Bryant says:

I swear the girl on the left she look like Chris Brown’s daughter

Be Mars says:

Yes that Chinese chili oil is the truth!

Universal G says:

Definitely going to try your buttersauce. But I just wanted to say PLEASE dont hold on to that pan much longer. Once you scratch the “non-stick” or teflon off, the chemicals are poisonous. Shortterm effects like migraines and headaches, flu like symptoms here and there. And long term harm like cancer.

Ege güzelliği says:

I did this souce but without the special things… only the things that i had at home… i ate it with potatoes and it was sooo delicious omg thankssss

Antoinette Hatchett says:

I mean keep up the good work

Life Through Felice Eye’s says:

When do you put the beer in

Mrs. Right says:

Why isn’t it red as we usually see ?

Kyla McNeal says:

i tried your recipe sooooooooooooo gooooooood

Diasporic Dynasties says:

Where can u buy old bay seasoning?

Anguska says:

Much better then bloves crap sauce

queen_shortiee says:

the sauce looks good ill tell my mom about this thx

Antoinette Hatchett says:

What’s up I don’t know if you remember me I saw you in the train station at Grand Street I’m such a big fan I love your videos keep off the good work

iamlala 4life says:

I love the intro so much

Mrs. YODA says:

She said ” hello cholesterol”

DeAnna Cyrus says:

Tae I hope you read this and can answer my question! I have loved your butter sauce before I even tried and when I finally got around to making it I LOVED it BUT BUT BUT I can NOT get my sauce not to thicken up, I have been watching y’all videos with seafood and every time you have it the texture of it looks like it’s thin more like a drawn butter then all of the onions and garlic settling at the bottom of your bowl, PLEASE help me to figure out what I’m doing wrong and why my sauce is keeps coming out way thicker then yours! Thanks in advance!

Elleh LA says:


Yes T. says:

Chris Brown as a girl v

Sansa Winslow says:

Use wooden spoon you scratch the hell out of that pan.

AsianBoi 69 says:

*Heart disease sauce*

Sakura Albert says:

Omggg y’all are so cute my bisexual heart can’t take it ❤️

Erica Heckman says:

Love you guys

Jessie Ogalesco says:

People: *already sees over 50 others commenting about spoon and pan*
People: *continues to comment that they shouldn’t use silverware on a skillet*

Tan-Tosha Peoples says:

Been looking for a souse with less ingredients, trying this for Christmas Thank You!!

Kido Shortfingers says:


La'Zaria Thompson says:

I try it and It taste good

Asianna Atkins says:

When you make your sauce do you have to use lemons?

Nia Trotter says:

Thank you for this video! I didn’t have all the ingredients you used, but it still came out SO DELICIOUS and to my liking 😉 I made a personal serving only half a stick of butter plus all the seasonings (didn’t even use all the sauce) thanks again y’all. Stay blessed!

Mama G says:

Do you have a recipe for those that can’t handle spicy foods too well??

Ayodele Johnson says:

Please use non-metal utensils in your nonstick pan! I’m dying over here.

Melissa LaBecK says:

Love. yell

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