How to make Seafood Mac and Cheese

Creative Cooking with Master King Chef Jerod


Its Max says:

It was delicious!

Elle Ceexo says:

Please answer: when I make mac and cheese and attempt to do a cheese sauce, the cheese always clumps together and doesn’t melt in the milk. What am I doing wrong?

Krisheba Hilaire says:

I only see the ingredients and I already know this will be life!!!! Come through Seafood mac and cheese!!!

Rikki Roxx says:

Kill the music….

Lisa Toll says:

Looks so good…. Tell your camera person to pull back some. . but i did your recipe. ..mmmm so good

Kimberly Nguyen says:

Did you cook the crab meat before you put it in the cooking dish or you cook it with the shrimp once you bake it?

Divinity Dark Matters says:

Man u just made me so hungry .. lol ..

Jacqui Greene says:

I’m making this for Thanksgiving

Dan Webster says:

Wow Jay Dub you hooked that up made me want to sub your channel check out some more recipes Bro.

Stacey Booker says:

Instead of lobster meat I used crawfish

thelyingtruth says:

My mouth is watering. I’m trying this soon. Love everything about this video.New subbie. Much love.

MrsBalanceSheet says:

Amazing recipe. Can’t wait to try it over the holidays.

Marlene Ffrenchie says:

Can you email me the full recipe

Rudy Reliford says:

Guess whos making this tonight……THIS GUY

5thsciecle says:

3:00 – Half & half of what?

Tiffney Hawkins says:

This is amazing.

SirRebro 1 says:

Dude turn down the background music. It makes your production alot more pleasant. We can hear you better

Jessica Darling says:

Yaaaaassssss thats all i gotta say

Shon w says:

Where is the recipe???

D. Davis says:

Did I see a nasty vein in a shrimp?

Boss Lady #1 says:

I can’t wait to make this for Thanksgiving:)

Deonna Lovelace says:

Mmmmm! Making this! Thank you!

Rudy Reliford says:

Guess who made this last night….. This guy and it was great… this is gonna sound crazy but when i took my first bite and thought to myself DAMN…exactly at that moment Lucious Lyons announced he was back from la la land… so with that said not only is this recipe great its changing lives.

Trevor Cunningham says:

Somebody please tell my brother how to say Gruyere! LMAO

Lee-ander Ingram says:

This is going to cost 40 dollars, their is no sharing on this meal. Thanksgiving Mac and cheese

Michelle R says:

Why half and half can you just use milk?? What’s the difference

Jason Williams says:

Chef I’m making this for thanksgiving I got 4lbs of elbow pasta. How much flour and half n half should I use? I don’t want it to be to saucy

Benita Lyons-Giles says:


Shon w says:

Can you give me the recipe???? Thank you.☺

Corina B. says:

I’m making this tmrw for Thanksgivings

eevonnee says:

Raw shrimp?

KBR says:

Them shrimp need to be Deveined

Pi Dabarber says:

I wonder can you cut the lobster up and put the Lobster on Raw just like the shrimp….

Shantel Wilson says:

What The Name Of The Cheese That Start With A G ?


Black people

Jessica poetic says:

I want some dang it

KEKE says:

Oh no u didn’t bring out the hot sauce. Loving it yessssss bitch

410 GFX & Media says:

U was geeking when u put the onion in it

Ms. Peaches says:



My mouth was watering the whole time watching this damn this looks good

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