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Watch how to make a top-rated cioppino that boasts 5 kinds of seafood. Shrimp, scallops, cod, clams, and mussels, they’re all in here!

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Johnny-Retro says:

Yummy! I don’t know about the rice, but I would for sure do this with pasta. Great video, thanks for this one.

nahid falsename says:

70 dollars of fish!

Allrecipes says:

That sounds like a tasty addition to this recipe! Let us know how it turns out for you. Enjoy!

Greg M says:

Looks great except too much heat. I will make this without so much hot pepper. I am not a lover of the spice…. for me its too overpowering.

wheeler1 says:

YUMMY!!! nice to see something on here that doesnt take a crock pot!

Allrecipes says:

We’ve never tried this with pasta – let us know how you like it. What kind of pasta are you planning on using?

James John Hawkins says:

Looks great with easy to follow recipe thanks for sharing

Dale Martin says:

As others have said- this is from San Francisco, most likely from Italian American fisherman. And it is usually served with sourdough bread, not rice.

rclaughlin says:

Serve cioppino with sourdough bread, NEVER with rice!

Johnny-Retro says:

The family and I once or twice a year make a mini vacation to San Francisco and we almost always eat at “Fog Harbor” on Pier 39. They make the best Cioppino I have ever had and they offer it with pasta. Its soooo good this way. I think they use Vermicelli or some other wide flat noodle. Might have to try out this recipe this weekend. Thanks again. fogharbor(dot)com/menu/

supamsp says:

that looks too damn good!

John Yannacci says:

Rice!!!!  Absolutely not!  A good toasted ciabatta only.

Jerry Kim Gomez says:

This looks great — but cioppino is not Italian. It is from San Francisco. Back in the days, after the fishermen sold their catches, someone would start a pot and all the fishermen would ask if anyone would “chip in” the seafood they did not sell.

Serve with rice? I have to disagree. Sourdough garlic bread, toasted ciabatta, or your favorite artisan bread. Oh, and do not forget the pinot grigio or your favorite dry, white wine.

thisIsWhereMyNameGoes says:

I just had dinner, but now am damn hungry again -_-

zuhaibz5 says:

wearing gloves??? pussy.

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