How To Make Seafood Boil At Home Plus Beloves Sauce/ Boiling Crab Sauce


Hey JHives how are you all doing? Like I promised, I am showing you all how to make a seafood boil at home. I used king crab legs, snow crab legs, tiger shrimp, corn, and potatoes. We hope you enjoy. If you have anything you may need advice on, shoot us an email at Thank you for watching, do not forget to watch, subscribe, comment, and share.

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Maelean Williams says:

So after everything is boiled do you pour the seasoning mixture all over it or put it on the pot with seafood?

Brittany Edwards says:

U need 2 scrub your stove 2 get those nasty rings from around your stove burners

3shadezbrown says:


deago61 says:

Momma needs a bigger pot

Angel Mcadams says:

You forgot the onions and ginger but I wouldn’t add it either

Alecia Fraser says:

Looking good girl. Where you bought those giant snow crabs.

Stefanie Z says:

Wow are your hands resistant to heat and steam haha I would be screaming in pain with my hand over the steam like that lol

Edub One says:

Where do you live so I can come over for dinner. DAM THAT LOOKS GOOD!!!

Josh Davis says:

Omg!! I’m in love with you!!!

Carion Deville says:

EBT has been good to u. =
Eat Better Tonite

ArghRawrWhoa says:


Mz. Latasha Loves journey says:

Good job

Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williams says:

All the boils I’ve watched you are the only one who shows cleaning and stresses it, I appreciate it so much because I’m paranoid about stuff like that lol

Kyuna Harvey says:

This is interesting

Tina Clark says:

Good cooking Michelle and thank you for sharing cause i wanted to see it done.

fjcutegirl17 says:

Hold up hold up. Where do you get your crabs from? The crabs i get don’t have all that stuff on it. No hairs or sea barnacles on it

Most Hated lai Aye says:

Um when i have shrimp the one you got it got poop in it so its hard.

Krissy Clarke says:

Y is the child not black n u all are . Did you cheat on your husband?

April Kim says:

Hey you are just the best!!!
This is so amazing I usually never leave any comment on any video but this recipe is so easy simple and has every information because sometimes people forget to mention how exact amount has to be used but like.. this is just perfect! Now i can finally make my own damn seafood boil!!! I’ve been craving this for as long i can remember but there’s no place in korea that has this menu and you practically saved my mood!!

Pariah Regimes says:

Sea barnicals,,,lol…just funny how u said it. Reminds me of spongebob.

Danielle Williamson says:

Too much seasoning for me

0nly. Mor says:

Can you make gumbo next ?

Tesia Weaver says:

sweetie, you need to clean your stove…

lesee a says:

how did you actually clean the legs ?

Dandy Lyon-Lion says:

Ewwww frozen shrimps nope!

John Hall says:

So where do you put the stuff in the saucepan

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