How to Make Ceviche: Peruvian Seafood Dish


David B Cossini says:

Red Snapper for Peruvian ceviche are you out of your mind! Lol bad choice of fish for ceviche, best type is sole or cod even halibut for me red snapper is to fishy, orange roughy works best for me.

Bianca Polo says:

5 minutes?

Stephano Vega says:

Así no se prepara el ceviche Peruano!

deadstar030 says:

this dish is SUPPOSED to be spicy…where did you learn to make this… really

mi madre una vez hizo cebiche con apio molido y AY también muy muy bueno

Benno Mazurel says:

Great knive skills ^^

Pedro Caballero says:

Peruvian ceviche is supposed to be spicy with rocoto or aji limo. Try tilapia next time ain’t bad.

Dean Crews says:

Wow are you ever beautiful!!! 🙂

Victor Gutierrez Palomino says:


James Murcielago says:

Hahaha that’s what I said !!

susy nun says:

I like this video !!! Thanks for sharing this recipe !!

drago884 says:

Ceviche is a delightful recipe…especially because of how many varieties there are. Other great ingredient options – avacado, grape tomatoes, green onions; PLUS there’s ‘Leche de Tirgre’ to look forward to as a byproduct of making ceviche! om nom nom nom…

Vlad Bukh says:

I think they f@ck each other!

Nicolas Sanchez says:

This Peruvian ceviche is faaarrrrrr from Peruvian … You are missing one of the main ingredients like the ginger and the aji peppers

Deborah Durham says:

I want to make this. My first time. I like the fact that you can add or take away what ever you like. The basic dish is UNCOOKED FISH right? I’d like to leave it to soak longer than 5 min. How long can it sit or should I say How far in advance can you prepare this dish? hours? Over night? IF any left overs How long will it keep in the frig?? Thanks for the video. I will watch others to see any variations I can incorporate. Can I use shrimp and lobster and crab? I don’t intend to use just one type of fish.

FS says:

Peruvian ceviche does not have celery. Please fix your title.

Chef Meltdown says:

damn he’s fine

fernando lou says:

Please change the title to the beautiful woman cooks.

Victoria Martinez says:

focus on the food, and not his goodies.

Diana Pineda says:

I want ceviche right now!

Vlad Bukh says:

the gal is hot, not the pepper!

TheBizuxxa says:

Why you did not taste it , you have to eat what you cook !

fernando lou says:

I hate the recipe bit the girl’s stunning beauty more than compensated.

ettedanrev13 says:

i love ceviche! but damn that girl couldnt stop looking at his lips…well cant blame her…he is hot!

Han Solo says:

Ceviche is supposed to be cooked for hours by the lime

KajiXD says:

I’m peruvian and almost cried when she chopped the onions too small

Ronald O. Rosebrough says:

Where did this Anthony guy learn to make Peruvian Ceviche??? It should be called Anthony’s ceviche and not Peruvian Ceviche. Because what he shows in this video IS NOT Peruvian Ceviche.

tKoQ says:

No no no no no! Gtfoh!

Hill Bill says:

There no such thing as SUSHI GRADE.

daryna94 says:

pepper is not the only hot thing in this video…

Manuel Seminario says:

the guy doesn’t know shit about ceviche

Fuentes Gohansky says:

I have never heard of ceviche with celery. Ginger is an option. Peppers are a must.

Junior Mb says:


Suhail Felemban says:

OMG the sexual tension between the two… Just get a room already!!

Lia Salvá says:

You’re doing it wrong 🙁 too many extra ingredients

fresialanda 159 says:

a mi me gusta sin cebolla

Gianko says:

thanks !

AdrianR says:

The background music sounds like some low-budget porn music!

Leroi Grizzly says:

fantastic “blow-job music” in the background 😛

CrispyBacon says:

“But for ceviche you need long pieces of onion.”
Her face was like ” Yea … big .. long .. piece.. sss OF ONIONS.” lmao I think it’s 2 hours of sitting in the lime juice not 5 minutes but other than that good prep work.

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