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Make snow crab legs for dinner with my easy recipe. In this video I’m going to show you how to cook crab in the oven. In the tutorial I used snow crab, but you can use king crab, or your favorite crab legs. Get the recipe here:

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Iamtutucute says:

looks good… try steaming them with beer they are delish

Delphenia Celestin says:

How can oil, butter, or garlic penetrate that hard shell?

PigSoldier99 says:

thank you!  I love crab

Tonio Yendis says:

I’m go’n 2 do same thang, xcept i will use butter & instead of oven, i will smoke them on my bbq pit. Thanks 4 the idea!

lsu4peace says:

Thanks for this video! I’m about to save so much $ doing my own crab legs. Bet they’ll taste better too 😀

Quita Elam says:

Oh my gosh everything you make I want to try now I have to get me some crab legs lol

Shawn Harris says:

Girl I love your cooking but just throw them in a pot of boiling water and dip your crab legs in your special sausage by the way I am from Maryland let me send you some obay seasoning email me your address or po box ok God bless!

The 7 Henry's says:

Crab legs, yum!!!!!❤️❤️

Wonderfume489 says:

Why would you put the seasoning on the outside

The Creative Lady® says:

Hey Miss Rosie! I found my snow crab legs & we are about to get it in!!! Thanks for this GENIUS cooking method!

coffEKolor says:

Alright cooking network.. it’s time!…Stop playing!

Leah Marie says:

this might be a dumb question but why brush the crab leg shell with seasoning when that part doesn’t get eaten?

PrettyNflawed says:

Very nice….

Tru Smiles Jones says:

Ugh so glad I found this video! It’s not as hard as I thought! Thanks love

Creatively Personal with Martika says:

I MUST try this!!!

Diana DeLaFuente says:

They look so good Rosie!! Never thought of baking them, I usually steam them. I like this method so much. Thanks Rosie!! You Rock! xoxox

Brandys Brandy says:

WOW thanks I will try this

A.G. says:

Soo my lg g4 just crashed having the same issue, I’m wondering if anyone had the option to change the phone that was replaced, or is it just the same phone?

Torri Raine says:

+I Heart Recipes can you make stuffed salmon with crabmeat pretty plz

Jocelyn Pantoja says:

can you show use how to make pizza please

Keeyia Michelle says:

Made these tonight. They were delish!!! TSF:)

Wonderfume489 says:

On he shell

iamenmotion says:

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, girl I gonna have to quit you ’cause all I seem to do now is cook and eat. And I LOVE it! LOL Thanks for another great one.

Rafferty Crawford says:

I’m making me some crabs legs when I get off work in the morning LOL. Looks so good!!!

Kendall Foster says:

why are mine taking 40 minutes? what am I doing wrong?

Sarah Dugger says:

can’t wait to try this for just me on a Friday night looks so good thank you for this

ann m bow says:

Oh My Goodness!!!!! I did this and I could not stop eating!! This is the BEST recipe EVER for crab legs! Thank you SOOOO Much!! I love crab legs and would always go out to eat them because boiling them was way more work than I wanted to do. But this is so simple and so so so wonderful!!! I first viewed your video about two weeks ago and I have prepared them three times since. Thank you thank you thank you!!

LaTrina Hamilton says:

Hey lady! Blessings to you! I love your channel and I wanted to know if you could do a video on how to make Oreo cookie Cheesecake when you get a chance. Thank you.

LaT How says:

I just made this tonight. Girrrrrrllllll, thank you. It’s the first time I cooked crab legs and they were absolutely delicious. I know several people were wondering why put the seasoned olive oil mixture on the shell, well if you’re like me – I use my teeth as a crab cracker. I shouldn’t but I do and the flavor is superb. OMG. Thanks again. P.S. I like your updated thumbnail pic. Very pretty.

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