Homemade Cioppino Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 263

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Talunja Scott-Patterson says:

this looks delish…this is the first recipe that didn’t add lemon/lemon juice. is that your standard? No lemon/lemon juice? Thanks for your many great videos. Can’t wait to try this 🙂

MissWiss says:

tried it out it was deeeeeliiiiciiiiious!!

Urangoo Goo says:

Thank you so much. I definitely cook my husband this weekend

PUSH050RaLo says:

she has some of the best dishes

Leonel Castillo says:

cioppino isn’t from Italy hahaha is from San Francisco

antonio gutierrez jr says:

Kudos pronouncing it right in half Italian and u are saying it correctly

Miss HKNY says:

Thank u for sharing this! I love seafood too and can’t wait to try this! 🙂

Romeo Cuerpo says:

no Dungeness crab? 🙂

Taylor Schwartz says:

what if I have frozen seafood? Should I cook it in a pan first and then add to my broth?

mondonudo says:

Ciao Laura, I am Gianni from Genova capital of Liguria in North Italy. The local fish stew, zuppa di pasce, is called in genoese language CIUPIN … Similar to you recipe, but additionally using very tasty small and spiny fish, very tedious to eat but supremely tasty… Your recipe must be delicious anyway, but should you have fresh thyme and maybe even a bay leaf and rosemary twig I would recommend you use it. Maybe add a small chopped-up onion, better if red, at the beginning in your soffritto. Love to you xxx

priyanka jalgonkar says:

keep something for me laura

Yuri Farris says:

I’m italian and i don’t now what cippino is, simply does not exist in Italy. But looks good….

Nuwaira Al Bu-Ali says:

her dishes are the best <3 but she talks too much ... I wish if she'll be fast !

Sally Balnao says:

yummmyyyyy!!!!I’m starving weeeewwww

Tommy Harutyunyan says:

Thank u looks great I’m about to make it now

jon barzanti says:

You’re super cute!!!! I’m italian but didn’t grow up with Italian traditions 🙁 I feel I’m not complete and want to visit Italy and see my family and where my roots come from there I should feel complete! You’re an amazing cook keep on shining that star like you are!

Sherl Aragona says:

Hi Laura! Love Love Love your show! I was wondering if your making this for 15 people. Should I use 2 cups of white wine. Also how much stock should I mix?

Superseanbarry says:

Good job! I liked & subscribed. I made a dish I called fish soup, clams, shrimp, mussels, fish that was fresh, and a similar broth. I had never heard of cioppino. When serving to my sophisticated friends ( I am but a small fish in a big soup) they said,” best cioppino I ever had” I replied, “What”
Here comes the scallop part 😀
I pan seared some scallops in butter, did all the stuff you should do with those folks, and served them in a bed of angle hair with a heavy garlic parsley, little bit of Olive oil coating.
Man, them rich folks loved it all!!!
Now I’m washing dishes at Burger World.

Happy holidays all!

Tyson Tao says:

Lol u need to chew the food more, it won’t be digested! It causes obesity

Mike Roberti says:

I can smell that through my phone! Yum.

livetolearnandlove says:

he will never have a bad meal or go hungry, a MANS’ dream woman 🙂

Sea Mermaid says:

You have gorgeous hands! 🙂

fu man chu says:

mmmmm! but one min talking at beginning?

Carlyle V.Smith says:

Love your recipes and your presentation. Great stuff !

Tony DeTuna says:


Chelsea Song says:

You look super cute in purple

Michael Nichols says:

It’s actually Portuguese and not Italian. And should have Dungeness crab if you want it to be truly the San Francisco cioppino. This is more of a fish stew. Delicious but not really Cioppino.

Danny B says:

ciopino is a american. it was not originated in Italy

Android101 says:

Your so wonderful

Enrico Mariotti says:

If you are going to cook. Cook. Don’t talk.

Nicole Lee says:

Also your pretty!!

Sean bee says:

what kind of white wine do you use? I like this recipe an want to try :} 

Tippy Wong says:

i follow almost all her recipes and it worked all the time! one of her clams spaghetti in white wine sauce helped me pass my culinary exam! love u Laura xoxo

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