Grilled Shrimp Louie – Classic Louie Salad Dressing Recipe – All-Purpose Seafood Sauce

Learn how to make a Grilled Shrimp Louie! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Classic Louie Salad Dressing recipe!


Zavrix says:

I would get mad pussy serving a salad like that.

JayChrima says:

Your intro triggered me

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Louie, Louie….oh…oh….

cocoa tresbelle says:

chef John I need your help please. I recently found out why all the markets in my area no longer stocks the Entenmann’s Banana Crunch cake. my heart is broken and now I need to learn to make it myself if I ever wish to eat that moist crumbly chocolate drizzle piece of heaven. you are the only one I trust to get it right, do u think u can show us how to do a banana cake super moist with the crumb topping drizzled in chocolate. is that possible? I am at a lost. please help?

Mark Webber says:

Just finished this and all I can say is, wow, so good! Thanks, Chef John.

Jordin Agemy says:

Did no one pick up on the King Louie reference

ertznay says:

I don’t get the joke at 1:15.

Dee Johnson-Ewing says:

You didn’t say on Paprika if that is 1 tsp or 1 tbsp. That looks like alot!

Nils Kätzchenfleisch says:

I like your Videos but the Ketchup hotsauce thing is just bullshit.. Two whole different things..

king citrus says:

john please make some aspic

Mikibus says:

dear god i need to stop watching these before bed

Dee Johnson-Ewing says:

Sometimes I just don’t feel like all the work of making a dressing with so many ingredients for 1 dinner salad evening. After all that, I wonder how long will it last if I make a huge amount to store and use again.

Princess Pancake says:

EVERYBODY on food videos says, “freshly ground pepper”.

Sara Nur says:

Can you make a raw vegan birthday cake with easily found ingredients? Thanks :))

mastocytoma1 says:

Anyone else eat shrimp tails? Or am I just nasty nasty?

simon Simple says:

dont look the same as when they came off the grill ; ^ (

TakkiToes says:

Liked for the gun show. Giggity!

amanda bright says:

What type of grill should I buy?

HowToFlexpert HD says:

im convinced this guy is seth rogen

gofastsuv says:

Can someone please explained to me how food videos like this get thumbs down??? Unless you get pissed because everything that Chef John makes looks soooo damn good.

Chad M says:

Do you watch shokugeki no soma?

Hi Its Bree says:

what is the difference between parsley and Italian parsley?

seattwa says:

My appropriate amount of shrimp would be to just dump the whole thing on there!

Michael Poulin says:

chef my daughter hates mayo. any ideas for a substatue.?

Feta Cheezz says:

You are the grilled shrimp of your Spirit of St. Louie.

Fatsacks Allday says:

Can you use mexican crema instead of creme fraiche?

Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg says:

Now that’s my kind of gun show.

Dee Johnson-Ewing says:

OK, so how do we make the SOFT HARD BOILED EGGS? I like to know the timing.

Grant Albert says:

Can you please do a ratatouille recipe?

Baby J says:

I almost had a heart attack at 4:15.

Joanna R says:

This looks so delicious I can’t even. Perfect for a summer lunch or dinner.

Joe St Francois says:

I nominate Chef John of the Food Wishes Party for President of the United States of America.

(John, Average Betty would make a good VP, what do you think?)

Mal says:

Quality control? It’s called Pitmaster privilege!

Andrej Mucic says:

love u comrade

bloodandwinearered says:

I’ve got a fellow I will make this for.  He is definitely shy on the compliments.

mykyl0 says:

R u a ghost?

turtlepowersf says:

please show us how to do the soft/hard boiled egg!

Corina T says:

What is the life expectancy of this sauce?

Hahn KICKASS says:

Hi chef John. Huge fan here.
Think you could show us your take on Beef Wellington? Cayenne a must I take it? Lol

Dejoblue says:

You ruin so many recipes putting cayenne pepper in everything. The only positive is that the secret ingredient you put in everything isn’t cinnamon.

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