Garlic Shrimp Recipe – Quick & Easy Garlic Shrimp

Learn how to make a Garlic Shrimp Recipe ! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 650 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Quick & Easy Garlic Shrimp!


Ramon Donestevez says:

Jonathan, I bet you wet your pants! and are late on your rent!

MichaelSerial says:

I like to saute the garlic in the pan first before adding the shrimp. Yours looks delicious!

vicariously pritam says:

love your channel..

Vaibhav Verma says:

Try removing the Shrimp skin and boil it with bit of salt and turmeric(optional) for some 10 mins and after all the juices are removed, it will become very soft and tender stuff to add it to any dish and cook and eat

Clayton Lance says:

omg.. I just died laughing as your “Caper Brine Joke”… haha, dang… I was just watching new Gordon Ramsay recipes with him being all nice and soft… but your video… that was refreshing…

Debbie Sullivan A says:

I have bought garlic shrimp from the Chinese restaurant but they only give you like 5 pieces. I so grateful for this recipe. Now I’ll have enough shrimp. I love it

Diane C says:

OMG, this annoying MF is EVERYWHERE. I cannot BELIEVE how many people think he’s the best chef in the world. His voice & speaking style grates on my nerves. I can’t seem to rid my life of him. I didn’t come here deliberately. I was looking for shrimp recipes, & this came up. I was all set with him a long time ago when I realized he was using canned soup in a lot of his “recipes.” You won’t see that from Jacques Pepin. GO AWAY, “Chef” John!

MichaelSerial says:

I always say I wish you could smell this on my channel LOL

Jan Diehn says:

I must say this…pull off those stupid tails! Why does every cook/restaurant leave them on? You don’t want to eat the tail and it adds little to flavor.

Paula Johnson says:

It’s not great. Just OK, if you like mild food. This tastes like shrimp scampi, not garlic shrimp which has much more garlic, olive oil and pepper.


Yummy Garlic shrimps.
I too tried the same on my channel with some twist.

Awww you u tube mad ain't ya says:

why do I torture myself by watching these videos. I have less than a dollar in my bank account and some walmart pasta and no sauce in my house LOL. fml. looks good tho. payday I’m getting some shrimp tho.

Margo Glicksman says:

This is absolutely the BEST recipe for garlic shrimp! My partner who is difficult to please said that I could make this anytime for him. Thanks!!!

J Gam says:

also add a splash of white wine to this if u are putting it over pasta !! really good

trez1995 says:

made these td, very good

Twisted Bones says:

Where did the shrimp/prawns come from? Look on the packaging. If from India or South America you are supporting the destruction of the lifestyles and farms of the indigenous people and supporting criminals who prey on the same indigenous people. Skip the shrimp and move on.

Taj TV says:

you son of a goat cant cook!!!!!

Muhammad Q Rusydan says:

salted or unsalted butter?

Ramon Donestevez says:

those fuckers look good

l martin says:

I love shrimp, especially scampi style. I finally tried this recipe last night & have to say it was better than any shrimp dish I have ever eaten in any restaurant or tried creating on my own. This was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your secret on the caper brine as I would have never thought of trying that.

Michael Jeckson says:

I love this. But eat too much and you’ll get sick, shrimps are pretty rich.

Flafi Flafi says:


Katherine Cabrera says:

Every time I follow a recipe online, it never comes out as I expect it to be. However, this recipe is easy and clear and with few ingredients. It came out amazing! I think I put a little too much pepper flakes as it came out somewhat spicy. However, I am making this again tonight and will reduce that. Thank You so Much!

Colin Steadman says:

that looks so good. will be trying asap.

Lineerenkiwi says:

super yummy recipe – if you use frozen i don’t even think you need oil or butter 🙂

beakaHD says:

Had this last night. And very nice it was too. Thanks to your videos I can go about 2 weeks with a different meal each night. Thanks.

A Channel says:

I very like it

WarBerJr02 says:

This is great, but I would pull the tail/shells off before I grilled them.

Elizabeth Khan says:

i will try it at home for dinner.

Preizler-Initiative says:

At what point would you add asparagus to this, if you wanted to keep it carb free?

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