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Food Tube’s fish expert Bart Van Olphen is travelling the world to bring you the best fish recipes direct from where they were caught. This time he’s cooking a seafood pasta with garlic and chilli and the freshest plumpest cockles plucked from Wadden Sea in the Netherlands.
Bart set up the first sustainable fishmongers in Europe and knows loads about how we can enjoy great fish without harming stocks for future generations. He has a ton of fantastic fish recipes on his channel right now:
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Arnie Harrison says:

SO relaxed and chilled! Such a nice video!

Sheereen Amran says:

Robert and his salsa is hotter than the bowl of freshly cooked pasta.

d34dj0k3r says:

In Malaysia we have different kind of cockle. The flesh is reddish and it is called blood cockle. Usually I boil them with some salt and turmeric leaves.

dianadice11 says:

Where can I find a fisherman like that???
You have his number or nah

Peter Johnson says:

Great video my friend. My mouth is watering. I’m going to make this for the family tonight. Thanks from Boston Mass. USA.

Nikita Beschi says:

It’s so nice of you to actually reply to everyone. . .

Connie T says:

yummy. .love the video setting…so refreshing and the dish looks delicious. .I am going to try it tomorrow. ..thank you

Zeynep Yildiz says:

When he said “2 tablespoons of white wine ” did he mean just white wine or white wine vinegar ?? Please help ??

Subaru Sumeragi says:

Robert! Wanna taste your own cockles?

Juan Tapia says:

My wife fell in love with this video.  Now she wants me to do this dish all the time the same way.  Well, I’m in Pennsylvania so the nearest source of sea water is like 7 hours away in Lake Erie.  Sorry.  We have no cockles either so I use regular little neck clams.

박겸 says:

I got to know your YouTube channel from Jamie’s insta. So this video is very nice and useful! thank you 🙂

Enrico Salilo says:

Bart’s Fish Tales Thank you for your video.. Would like to ask, did you add some salt in it? or it’s already got its saltiness from the pasta?

Abhishek Sanyal says:

Good chef, good fishermen, good people, good food, good music, good video. Liked and subscribed 🙂

Gaspard chico000 says:

good fisherman

AyidaCheesie says:

Hi! Does anyone know how to clean the clams beforehand or get rid of the sand that’s inside? I felt like he just dumped them into the skillet straight from the ocean…?

Yama Bushido says:

“Robert, will you tastes your own cockles?” Pahahah

Nora Green says:

Ok that fisherman is hot. Sorry for being off topic hehe

marcelo guerra says:


Андрій Гуселєтов says:

Awesome, as usual! Nice and clean explanation. And thanks to Robert also!

Frosty Wang says:

ONE guy is cooking in the middle of the ocean and the the OTHER guy is humping the sea food in the back, those guys are awesome

SpacePeanut says:

Holding my pasta linguine

Merel Bas says:

Bart, Robert, wat een toffe video, wil hem wel 100x liken. 
Hollandse (of eigenlijk Friese) glorie en alles, gaaf dat jullie dit met de wereld delen.
Als ik met vrienden op de wadden ben, struinen we meestal zelf een emmertje kokkels en een enkele (uitheemse) oester bij elkaar. Ik ga dit recept tzt zeker eens proberen!
Groetjes Merel

Matt B says:

I bet half of the audience is female and watched this for Robert….

treynanda57 says:

I wish Robert did the cockle shuffle onto me

Claudio Araya says:

You are cooking with Chilean wine, fantastic.

drownthedays says:

Can somebody please make a montage of Bart saying cockles? I think he set the record for the most frequent usage of the word per minute.

Rania Ismail says:

I would add some shrimps, crab and calamari … yum yum

Ahmed Wijanarko says:

Robert, youre so hot.

Nairam Marian says:

That cockle salsa though……… Damn… I’m here for the food.. Didn’t expect more…

sakurasoh says:

Love the location!!

Jungyeon Han says:

omg! cockles are one of my favorite clams! I thought I could find them only in Korea, cuz they are popular in Korea. but good to know! Thank you always for great videos!

Bienson Ceasar Narvarte says:

Robert?  Do you want to taste your own cockles?

Iis Sukaesih says:

wow this an amazing recipe ever ❤love it so much

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