FISH AND SEAFOOD STEW My Favorite One Skillet Recipe

This is one of my all time favorite fish and seafood recipes. Today I’m using codfish, shrimp and scallops but any mild tasting fish will do and I often add clams and lobster to the stew as well.
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Her Woofness Boston Terrier says:

Recipe………….droooling in CT!
Jane and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier.
Hugs and belly rubs for Frankie and best wishes for the new year to you and those
dear to you.

LindyTN says:

I love that pottery bowl. It looks handmade. I really like pottery, but I like the simple natural colors, like that one. Many I see are  way too colorful for me. Where did you get it?

backyardmeat says:

Looks great Boss! I really liked the cheese as a thickener idea…ATB to ya

Jane Hart says:

A man after my ow heart, you just wing it in the kitchen the same I do, enjoy….Thanks for sharing…

Deer Farm says:

morning Boss!! will have to try this recipe this with some fresh haddock !!!! looks like a great camp meal!!!! Thanks!!!

Todd DiNezza says:

Thanks for sharing that recipe JC. Definitely going to have to try it! If you have any others to share, please feel free to do so. Winter is a good time to enjoy a hearty meal like that one. Thanks again!

Gerard Pickett says:

nice one must try this .

Joe Nadeau says:

Made this for dinner last night, came out excellent, the only thing I added was some potatoes and beer. I really like the idea that you can tweak it a bit depending on what season it is or what you have on hand.

David Perrin says:

man that looks delicious.

Michele DeRusha/Morgan says:

never thought of putting munster cheese in. looks good

Owen4it says:

My mouth is watering… side of corn bread and a beer!  Life is good!

kevin tulak says:

Have you ever tried this with a smoked cheese?

Twomidgetsonahorse says:

I’ve a recipe much like this one but it calls for heavy cream, next time I make it i’ll do the muenster addition in place of it along with a splash or two of 1/2 n 1/2.
Everything is better the second day, even better if it’s canned up for a gloomy winter day.

Björn Mundt says:

Nice. You boiled Mediterranean Veggies. I would use some extra Mediterranean Herbs such as Rosemary.

tree feller says:

oh yeah… I’d eat that
gotta love one pot meals. Like Dick Proenneke use to say, “everything’s in there but the kitchen sponge!”

Melissa Bower says:

Thank you for the recipe; it was delicious! We had it for supper tonight, and my husband loved it! He’s a great cook, much better than I am, so when I make something he really likes, you know it’s good!

Jon Schaffer says:

Looks good!!!

yanknoz says:

Thank’s Boss, I’ll give this a try. Cheers

Brian Nielsen says:

Simple, but full of flavor! Doesn’t get better than that! Great video, great recipe, Thanks.

Sandra Fernandez says:

That looks delicious! I will certainly have to try it one day.

Dennis LeBlanc says:

Thanks for the seafood recipe…Boss. I am going to try it on my wife and I’ll let know the outcome. Keep those videos coming!

Lou B says:

I like the recipes! Thank You!

Arthur Jurkowitsch says:

bon appetit. cheers

J Hamilton says:

Now I have to go fix something to eat. Looks great.

Hickory Homes says:

Great video – I love how simple you keep cooking. Man, did that look tasty. Keep the cooking videos coming when you have time as they are great. Thank you.

Carlos Casamayor says:

yum yum boss

jcnme2020 ooo says:

It Sooooo Good !
Thanks for sharing Boss !

Louise Florida /Missouri says:

Not sure how this vid slipped by without my seeing it. Looks really great, another “have to” try recipe. Thanks Boss ATB Louise

Nate McKenzie says:

Great Job!  Can’t wait to try it…and I like the idea of using the muenster cheese too!

avonleanne says:

everything looks more yummy in a cabin in the woods!!! YUMMM~~~~thanks JC!

MrMunchiemo says:

Man that looks good. I think I would put a little hot sauce in it to give a little kick.

Dan M says:

J.C., did you start with a little oil, or just let the water simmer out of the veggies? I live down on the Gulf Coast, where seafood dishes are major popular, but this old man has never seen that mix. I’m going to give it a try, this week. Thanks Buddy.

Paul Preston says:

Great recipe, will make it regularly. Thanks.

K. Cashman says:

Aww, man! I had a big dinner and felt fully stuffed when I started watching my youtube channels. But after watching your video, I’m starving again! I gotta try your recipe–it looks and I’m sure tastes great! Thanks

Marty Barton says:

delightful., thank you.

backcountrypipe says:

That looks surprisingly delicious.
Definitely gonna give it a try, thanks.

francois roy says:

where is francky…

Tracy Bruring says:

I wonder if I could make this with catfish, bass and brim?

T.W. Milburn says:

Dang, Boss; Ya got me drooling all over ! hah ! Sure looked tasty.  Give lil-Frankie a scratch .       Stay Frosty Friends !                                      ATB  Terry      God Bless

Kyle Kolbye says:

Looks great! I was a little confused there at the end though. After you added the shrimp and scallops you said to simmer for about 20 minutes but than you said to let it simmer for 2 hours. I just need some clarification. Thanks and I can’t wait for the brown sugar, chocolate coffee video.

Travis Gowen says:

Boss, We cooked this and what a great recipe. It is even better the next day

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