Cooking 101: How to make The Boiling Crab’s Whole Shabang Seafood Sauce

Hi Guys! I finally made a video on how I make The Boiling Crab’s Whole Shabang Sauce. Also stay tuned for my “How to: Make a Seafood Boil. Enjoy. See recipe below:
Boiling Crab’s Whole Sha-Bang Recipe:
-Melt 4 sticks of butter in a pot
-Add 5 cloves of minced garlic
-Sauté for 5 minutes
In a separate bowl combine 2 tablespoons each of the 5 ingredients below
-Old bay
-Cajun Seasoning
-Lemon pepper
Pour the seasonings from step 2 into the garlic butter mixture and mix well
1 tablespoon of hot sauce
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
Mix well
After this is done… I let it simmer while I steam the crab legs in a separate pot for 10 minutes then combine the sauce and crab legs


Alfonso P says:

Yeah same here i keep hearing 5 cloves of garlic its “5 Heads of garlic” each head has round 10 to 12 teeth

Tory Monroe says:

It’s 5 bulbs of garlic not cloves! Looks like you have about 30 cloves from the 5 bulbs.

Jaritza garcia says:

Hi , where do you buy the Cajun seasoning?

Revolutionary DeAnna says:

I saw that blove lady say she had ginger in theirs?? What do you think about that?

onr detailing news talk and cologne reviews says:

I got to try this looks sooo good

MrEdubs05 says:


MrsHouse2Home ____ says:

Made this and it taste just like the Restaurant’s !!!!! Omg amazing!!!

Jinky Cendana says:

What if i want to cut down the level of spice? Any recommendation?

YvngMindz says:

Looks great, but did you really use 5 whole “bulbs” of garlic instead of “cloves”?  Cloves are the individual pieces that are contained in the bulb. LOL

Amanda Bennett says:

This video is so misleading you don’t know what you doing smh.

Teneen W says:

Thats 5 bulbs of garlic not 5 cloves

silver gray says:

Making this today! Thanks for posting

Call Me Ro says:

Can you refrigerate the sauce for later?

yung Maestro says:

Gr8 recipe, thanx for sharing

Nerdluva 621 says:

Slap ya mama cajun seasonjng

foreverqueenjyra says:

I’m from Mississippi but live in Dallas now

Rakia Lawrence says:

So can you just pour this one the bags and bake it with this seasoning?

Keino Jones says:

Thank you so! I can’t wait to try this recipe! New Fan and Subscriber to your channel. Blessings 10,000 Fold :}

learn about it says:

Y’all and these got damn garlic comments!

StaciLovee says:

Ok how many times y’all gone say it’s heads not cloves obviously a mf said it already

Monikkiii says:

5 heads of garlic . Cloves are the teeth on the garlic ..?

Kali girl says:

That’s not five (5) cloves of garlic. That’s five (5) bulbs. Five cloves of garlic, mean (5) individual pc.’s

miso kewl says:

Excuse me but where did you buy Old Bay?

Nerdluva 621 says:

Have you ever tried slap yo momma its from texas sooo good

Reina Cabanillas says:

does this work for shrimp as well? if so how many pounds of shrimp do you recommend?

Melanie Harriottu says:

You said 2 tablespoons of sugar and hot sauce but the recipe says 1. Which one is correct? I’m making this tomorrow I’m in the UK looks delicious.

Kim Kastl-Williams says:

Do you mean 5 HEADS of garlic? If you use cloves then you need 1 head of garlic

PrettyBrwnEyez81 says:

I wonder how it would taste without the sugar anybody know?

Nicole Turla says:

You’re not gonna give credit to Ashley Bedeck? Got the same description/instructions

badathan a2yrold says:

Why do people keep calling that “garlic cloves”? That is a garlic bulb. The cloves are what you get when you break open the bulb.

Uniaue B says:

Is the sauce spicy?

cypress2030 says:

im makin dis tonight thanks

Rashida Marie says:

That is 5 bulbs of garlic a clove is 1 little piece dear

Political Addict! says:

Is this per pound of shrimp?

جواهر محمد says:

Looking yummy

Dynasty Maxwell says:

It’s not that good to me

KeKe Emiyahtu Yasharahla says:

It’s a nice recipe but Girrrrrl your gonna give somebody a heart attack with all that salt in that recipe. LOL.. Salt in the butter, old bay, cajun seasoning, and the Louisiana hot sauce. High blood pressure by the time you finish the last bite! Use unsalted butter and don’t forget the sugar to steady the flavors !

aborigen1 says:

Can you tell me for how many pound is that recipe

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