Chinese Seafood Hot and Sour Soup Recipe 海鮮酸辣湯 by CiCi Li

I’m CiCi Li, the TV host of CiCi’s Food Paradise on NTD Television. I’m also a chef in Training at Radiance. Today chef Luo is going to teach me on how to make seafood hot and sour soup 海鮮酸辣湯. For the full recipe please visit

Chef Luo’s key notes: The key to this soup is the sourness from the white vinegar and the spiciness from the white pepper. The traditional way of making the soup doesn’t add any vegetable oil or pepper flakes.

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mytvnm says:

I felt like I was in the construction, HOT AND SOUR.

ss4vegeta1 says:

I am trying to make this right now. I made a few adjustments but its cooking hope it comes out good even though I didnt use 100% of the ingredients more like 90%.

A Serious Salamander says:

who the fuck is Julian?

Kevin Uchiwa says:

always so delicious

asianleo83 says:

.omg this looks so good, I want some of that now with extra scallions plz

Anson Wong says:


yllekr123 says:

I love hot and sour soup, yours looked awesome.  I always order a large bowl for myself.

roy cheng says:

Who is that guy in the back ground. I dont think he approve of you cooking.

Bob Warren says:

I make a very similar version using pork instead of seafood. My version very closely matches this one and it is not only delicious but is great if you have a cold. You can also add Thai peppers (ground) to raise the heat a bit.

sweetpuppy120489 says:

I am curious, what’s make this hot? I don’t see any kind of chilli sauce to make this hot. Is there a brand you recommend? 

Al Ray says:

Yummy !

乳牛區 says:


Colin sushiboy says:

Looks good but can’t understand a word of mandarin.

Food Passion says:

Looks delicious.

ss4vegeta1 says:

I would add the chilli flakes or chili oil. But not extra vegetable oil.

Mentis Ng says:

cici just curious are you Taiwanese?

Fly King says:


ss4vegeta1 says:

I am making this this weekend.

S Mart says:


shasha khan says:

without broth or stock?its impossible.

chrismax christian says:

i was all excited because its my favorite soup and then she keeps talking in foreign langage so i didnt understand a thing

pnk1359 says:

it looks extraordinary delicious, but it could be great if you wrote the name of ingredients, as it is very noisy in this kitchen and many of us are unfamiliar with this ingredients and it makes it difficult to learn this ingredients.

korcakm says:

she’s so cute 🙂 I would like to taste her soup

Jo Chang says:

Looks about right. But I still don’t see how it suppose to achieve the “spicy” part of this soup.

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