Blove’s Smackalicious Seafood Sauce Recipe

Hey everyone; I finally got a chance to recreate this seafood sauce. Like i mentioned in the video please use the measurements and ingredients as you see fit. The sauce has great flavor and i hope u enjoy it.

*Note the longer you allow the sauce to sit and marinate in the flavors the better it taste. I make my sauce the day before or the morning of my seafood boils.😋

How to make the sauce:


These are just updates on what others have added to their sauce to perfect it to their liking, its not necessary to add it, its just an suggestion:

Add 1 to two cups of chicken broth or water to lighten the butter or substitute butter with i can’t beleive its not butter ( my suggestion)

Add beer to the sauce ( suggestion from a blovelee)

Add honey to the sauce (suggestion from a blovelee)

Add Korean Red paste (suggestion from a blovelee)

Add Chili oil (suggestion from a subscriber)

How to make the seasauce:

Cajun Spice Mix 1tsp (optional)or 1Tbs
Garlic Powder 1tsp or 1Tbs
Paprika 1tsp or Tbs
Black pepper or White pepper 1tsp or 1Tbs
Cayenne pepper 1tsp (optional) or 1Tbs
Onion Powder 1tsp or 1Tbs
Oregano 1tsp or 1Tbs
Lemon Pepper 1tsp or Tbs
Crushed Red Pepper 1tsp (optional) or 1Tbs
Chili Powder 1tsp or 1Tbs
Accent Salt 1tsp or 1 Tbs (optional)
Old bay seasoning 1 or 2tsp or 1 or 2 Tbs
Lemon freshly squeezed 1tsp (optional) or add it on top of seafood
Vinegar 1tsp (optional) or 1Tbs
Tabasco Sauce 1tsp or ur favorite hotsauce (optional) or 1Tbs
Worcestershire Sauce 1tsp or 1Tbs
Brown Sugar 1 or 2tsp or 1 or 2Tbs
Minced garlic 3 to 4 bulbs
Onion 1/4 of a large minced or half onion
Minced Ginger 2 to 3tsp (optional) or 2 to 3 Tbs
4 to 6 sticks unsalted sweet butter or how ever many u see fit

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Famously Shaa says:

That’s mad nuff stuff

Emily Windon says:

This is relaxing lol not sure why

Honey Honey says:

What is Old Bay? I am from Germany and have no idea what this is.

Dr. Now says:

I will see you in my office

좋아 주꿀아레인보우샤벳트 says:

감사합니다! ㅎㅎ

Mistoura Kilaya says:

Why not olive oil replar butter

Baby Gurla Kimmie says:

I literally go high blood pressure watching this

Jillian Fernando says:


Maria Angela says:

When are you selling this sauce? There’s to many ingredients, I can’t keep up. lol

bevill72able says:

Looks Delicious!

Sharissa Lopez says:

Omgggggg I make this recipe yesterday for the first time and gurl!!!! GURLLLLL! This recipe smacked my tastebuds in my most amazing way! Soooo delicious!!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

krystal xoxo says:

Hi i just made ur sauce….question is it ok to refridgerate and reuse??

marquisa mcwright says:

OMG just made your sauce! I paired your sauce with shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes, and crab claws. I had to stop eating and type this, so glad I finally got to try this amazing sauce. Thanks Ms. Blove♡♡

Jillian Fernando says:


Dawn Decoteau says:

I have never had seafood in my life. I was bored one day watching youtube videos. Came arcoss one of hers and it was seafood. The sauce looks good. And it made me want to try seafood. So far i have no idea how many videos i watched of hers. Found out she made the sauce now. So after my son comes home from school today we will made the sauce and get some seafood. I cant wait lol. Again i never had seafood in my life i hope its good.

1forevery says:

4 million views! Where da hell I been???

bevill72able says:

To keep my blood pressure down, I would skip the accent. Msg is too high in sodium

Big Bird AKA King So's Shooter says:

Why america has the most cases of high blood pressure and diabetes

TheReviewChannel * says:

Worra … sauce

alyssa jordan says:

My sister calls it bloves(like gloves) sauce

Rosalva Teixeira says:

Olá! Te sigo e amo o seu canal. Que pena que não falo inglês e ainda não existe tradução. Pedi a receita no Instagram e vc muito querida me respondeu. Obrigada pelo carinho mas, não consigo entender e reconhecer os ingredientes. Beijos

Jillian Fernando says:


tatanacio91 says:

I made the sauce using all of the ingredients she listed and using the TSP measurements. It didn’t taste like I thought it would taste. It wasn’t as buttery or garlicy as I was thinking it would be and it was a lot more savory. I did only use 4 sticks of butter so if you want more of the butter flavor, I recommend using 6 sticks. With that being said, it still tasted DELICIOUS! I finished an entire platter of cocktail shrimp (around 30-40 pieces) in one sitting, dipping them only in the Smackalicious sauce! I can’t wait to try her blend once it hits the shelves! I’m sure it’ll taste a lot better than mine. Great recipe Blove!

qgraphix124 says:

Thank you for the recipe, it always looks so good.

Gabriela Ruiz says:

what blender is that ?

Ali Aye says:

She says your not gonna scoop up the sauce and eat it but that’s exactly what she does lmao. Nasty ass

Nathan Sauls says:

Can you send me the recipe to that sauce..please Thank you.

Kenneth Berry says:

I have to try this!!!

Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355 says:

i would add more onion

kayla darden says:

I didn’t like it at all. It looks good when she is eating it but I don’t see what the hype about… btw I made it following the same steps from this video. Different taste buds

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