Making Black #Ramen Noodles in a #Seafood Broth with King Crab, Shrimp, Clams, Squid, and more! Using a Ramen Squid Ink Pasta Hack. ALSO: Corgi Dog Eats Watermelon in slomo, Car Show, Arms, and More!

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– Creating Black Ramen
– Asian Market Grocery Haul: King Crab Legs, Clams, Radish Sprouts, King Trumpet Mushrooms, Shoga (pickled Ginger), shrimp, sushi grade squid, green onions
– Black Ramen Hack (add 1 tbsp baking soda per quart of water):
– Taste Test
– Corgi Dog Eating Watermelon Outside in Slow Motion
– Corgi Tours a Car Show
– Gatsby Corgi On Fleek T-shirts and Fans!
– Gatsby’s NEW Instagram:
– How New Unisex T-shirts fit on Females
– How I ship the T-shirts
– Corgi Sploot
– Pre Jym Preworkout
– Bodybuilding Leg Workout in Gatsby Tank Top and Strong Liftwear Shorts
– Trying Gatsby Facial Paper Wipes (Super Refresh Type)
– Quick Saltwater Aquarium Update
– Corgi Dog Running in the Park
– Playing Arms on the Switch with Shawnsecrets (
– Ice Cream from Smitten (Brown Sugar Cinnamon)
– Gatsby Unboxes a PawPack & Babble Ball Toy


Trumps mentally ill mixed race Cousin says:

my dog is staying at the vet because she has bloody diarrhea

Khanh Tran says:

eat vietnam fool

Stephanie Velazquez says:

Are you going to corgi beach day in L.A on July 1st

Gabriel Park says:

You Should Make GreeNoodles
It’s Like Ramen But Way Better, Way More Beneficial, And Way More Healthy Please Show Us Your GreeNoodle Recipes!

kimimi ralte says:

Gatsby is the cutest dog everrr

Taminator27 says:

Looks yum

John Moi Paite says:

can i get 7likes for my fish who had died today

Las Aventuras de la estrella y Yo says:

I wished I had a life as amazing as yours

Gabriel Park says:

For To Comment First At 22 hours

Scottish Mapper says:

wow your a great cook!

Matthew Lyman says:

Does he live in china?

One piece Fan girl says:

It’s good but… MUSHROOMS!!!!

Gaming CMC says:

You should do a Shawn vlog

Andrea Hernandez says:

Gatsby running at the park 10/10

RCPlayer145 says:

I like how Ryen wore a black themed shirt while eating black ramen

Kris La says:

So cute that Gatsby still goes to the Bosu ball, he’s been doing that since he was a puppy!

Meda Bytautaitė says:

Omg, Gatsby’s smile just made my day ❤️

haungc1 says:

Hey, I’ve been watching your Vlogs for quite some time and I’ve been debating on getting a Corgi myself. I’ve researched a lot of corgis and that they are very temperamental, How did you get Gatsby so obedient and accustomed to humans and other dogs?

Critz CSGO GAMING & MORE says:

soy cock 2:05

martin moreno says:

Aquarium update at 8:07

Xenon says:

hi Ryan remember me?

Marble Soda says:

How did you teach gatspy to go potty in his cage as a puppy?

WaffleIMeanWulf I says:

I’ve tried the non black version of this ramen and it is amazing with seafood…
Though it is a little bitter…

Mine Craft says:

what is the song played at 3:43?

Chua Bin Hui says:

What is the name of the girl who modeled the shirts?

Belle Bliss says:

It’s so funny how there’s so many stuff named Gatsby

MR. KU says:

Hi Ryen! Did you get the new zelda amiibos?

vinh hoa says:

Can i ask you some question

Unique Antoinette says:

Song at 8:33!?!?!? Can’t find it

Midnight Foxy says:

its making me hungry but then black ramen sounds new

Khanh Tran says:

you are the best

debbie ayers says:

You lost me at the squid ink pasta dude ! what is the world does squid ink taste like ? sorry I dont mean to sound rude,but that sounds gross to me! has anyone ever eaten squid ink pasta (out there in the universe) lol ?

trixsam says:

Hey Ryen, I just saw on reddit that fish can eat cucumbers. Have you ever given yours cucumbers??

Smrtone911 says:

How did you train Gatsby to stay with you while walking off leash? I have a 5 month Corgi and he likes to run away (like he wants to play) when he is off leash!

Empress A says:

How did you learn to cook?

The Zheng Channel says:

Ur vlogs are the best

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