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Best EVER Gumbo Recipe with Seafood, Chicken, and Sausage
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My gumbo recipe consist of chicken, crab, shrimp ( both fresh and dried shrimp), and andouille sausage. I also use canned diced tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, onions, okra, and celery. I make my roux a little bit thinner than most people, but it always comes out amazing.

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shucky ducky says:

Maybe I missed it while on your site but I didn’t see how much it serves.

Lululusciously says:

Why are people saying the dried shrimp ruined this? When I was a little girl my mom used those in her gumbo. It just gives it more seafood flavor they are actually not bad I use to sneak pieces out of the bag.

Evelyn Acevedo says:

how did you get your rice like that? 🙂

Tonja Hannon says:

I like to serve my gumbo with rice and saltine crackers…Your recipe looks awesome!!

Mike Ramos says:

that “brown stuff” out of the pan? take it out?! thats the flavor! u crazy!

Mind of Mike says:

I would  love  to go to your restaurant.

Quincella Washington says:

i made this lastnight. wish i would have kept the dried shrimp out because now i cant eat it. it doesnt have a gumbo flavor at all

Munni DBest says:


mary jemison says:

Hot garlic bread

Deziurz Tru says:

I love your videos, short sweet and to the point

dotee1999 says:

Try the dry shrimp I use it in the recipe came from my mom I also use prawns it is like a seasoning it elevates your gumbo trust me

Son of man! says:

I got every ingredient but dried shrimp. I should be alright tho right? I mean I can drive 20 miles to go get some. is it worth the drive?

Parker Lewis says:

I immediately cut it off when you said “you can get rid of the brown stuff in the pan”.  That’s the fond and its absolute gold.  You don’t get rid of that, you deglaze it or use the “sweat” from your vegetables to soak it up.

sharon bennett says:

Love your recipes always so easy and right to the point. Not too much talking. I am going to cook this next week for Sunday dinner.

David Smith says:

Hey Rosie!! I’m lovin your channel. I’m hooking up your Gumbo for the Superbowl. I got some BIG BOYS coming, so I was going to double your recipe. Unless I should triple it. What do you think? How many does it serve?

Prettie1 says:

Hi Rosie – I made this gumbo for New Years – it was truly amazing! ❤

Surah Muhammad says:

Very good. You make it looks so easy. I’m going to try it now. I hope it turns out as good as yours LOL

Dan Calestini says:

This recipe is pretty spot on all the traditional ingredients the dried shrimp just for flavor she also used fresh shrimp I have been cooking in restaurants for 37 years and have made gumbo hundreds of times I would say this recipe is better than most from the videos I have seen

Only 100 says:

Hey miss Rosie do you have a cook book out? If so I neeeeedsssss it lol

Rose Moore says:

I made this tonight and my family loved it!!!!

Tiina Sanders says:

I followed this recipe for thanksgiving and it was a hit. My family has me making it again for xmas.

SteffystefElite says:

I made this it’s amazing

Kimberly Ung says:

Dry shrimp? Nah ah

LaDonna Bell says:

I tried this gumbo last Sunday and it soooooooo awesome!! Great job!! Keep sharing these recipes! 🙂

grappa0 says:

I’d love to eat Gumbo one day, it looks amazing! Unfortunately, eastern Europe isn’t the best place to find all of the ingredients. Thank you for this video, now I am really hungry 😉


I’ve looked ALL OVER for the old gumbo filet and cant find it anywherere.. Where is this usually sold?

Thomasine Miller says:

That looks so AMAZING!!!

Sherrina White says:

Hi Rosie this looks amazing & you make it look so easy I’ve always been intimated making gumbo but I’m going to try your recipe. Can you tell me where you bought your soup bowls I’ve been looking for some exactly like yours

Dank Weed says:


the observer says:

Reminds me of home I can remember the smells coming from MawMaw’s Kitchen and it’s not gumbo without okra

Justin Brown says:

very loud voice please take advice don’t scream in microphone it is rude.

Mia Chapman says:

technically this is a Creole style gumbo. not seafood gumbo

Brennan Guidry says:

I want to live in her house, I would be excited for dinner every night.

Rose Moore says:

I did this tonight!!!! It was delish!!!! Was a little nervous about dried shrimp but it was good. Thank you Rosie!!!!

Yasi Ari Elam says:

Dried shrimp ruined this…. oh I see. Ok ok

Irfan Handono says:

Can I add shark meat?
I don’t like crustacean.

Kyle Stone says:

How many people does that feed

David Smith says:

Hey Rosie!!!
The Gumbo was a HUGE hit!!! Good lookin’ out.

Shantel And Crew says:

Yes just made it and am in love hunny thank you

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