AWESOME SEAFOOD SPAGHETTI RECIPE | Italian Seafood Pasta | Spaghetti con Pesce

This Seafood Spaghetti recipe is full of flavoursome Seafood and will just melt in your mouth. It is a light pasta meal with all of my favourite attractions, colourful, fresh and DELICIOUS!

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10 scallops
20 raw peeled prawns (2 p/person x un-peeled for decoration later)
1 basa fillet
2 x large calamari
A handful of cherry tomatoes
500g chitarra pasta (or fetucelle pasta if you can’t find chitarra)
1 x clove of garlic
A handful of fresh Italian parsley
½ glass white wine
Extra virgin olive oil
Lemon juice (or fresh lemon)
3 x pinches of rock salt
5L water

1 x 5L pot
1 x large deep pan
1 x wooden spoon
1 x pasta strainer
A set of tongs
1. Add 4.5L of water to a large pot and place it on the stove to boil.
2. Line the deep pan with extra virgin olive oil, chop the garlic clove into small pieces and add to the pan. Let this simmer on a low heat.
3. Cut through the centre of the Basa fillet and then slice it into small-medium size pieces.
4. Cut through the centre of each calamari and cut these into small-medium size pieces too.
5. Add the calamari and basa fillet to the pan letting this cook on a low heat and stir it together gently.
6. While this is cooking, cut the cherry tomatoes each in half and chop up the parsley.
7. 10 minutes later, add the prawns and scallops to the pan and ½ a glass of white wine.
8. Stir gently once again, then cover the pan with a lid and this will keep all the yummy smells inside!
9. After 5 minutes, stir the ingredients gently and squeeze in some lemon juice or fresh lemon.
10. Add the cherry tomatoes and parsley, stir once again and then add a pinch of rock salt.
11. Once the 5L of water has boiled, add 2 x pinches of rock salt and let this dissolve.
12. Drop the chitarra (or fetuccelle) into the boiling water and remember to use the instructions on the packet of pasta for cooking times as these will vary. You must use a good quality pasta and if you can buy or make it fresh, that would be even better!
13. After 10 minutes, strain the pasta and remove the saucepan from the stove.
14. Add the pasta into the pan and using a set of tongs, gently mix the pasta with the aromatic sauce to make sure all of the seafood spreads into the pasta — try flipping it in the pan if you can!

1. Using a large flat white plate, place a twirl of pasta in the centre and decorate with extra pieces of seafood.
2. Add some extra sauce using a small spoon.
3. Add the 2 x cooked/un-peeled prawns to the top on the side of the pasta for decoration.
E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!

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Izyan Nadzirah says:

hye there..can i make the pasta without pouring the white wine??

Elen Delffi says:

Ciao sono stato in Italy in September 2013 per le vacanze !! É mi piace molto spaghetti alla arrabiata!!

Y Mokka says:

Looks boring sorry, I rather more flavour

ketchup says:

Looks yummy. 

Abndoc08 says:

Spaghetti alla vongole! Yum

Tamara Nair says:

Hallelujah, I am hungry!

fruitypops4ever says:

Very nice. Thanks for that wonderful recipe. I will make it tonight.

Michel J says:

Hi Vincenzo. Just wanted to let you know I made this dish tonight but I used Fruit De Mer as fresh squid etc, is hard to get here in Holland. It was delicious! From now on this is THE way to cook seafood with spaghetti. Another winner my friend 🙂 Ciao!

Carolina Fuentes says:

I loved this video! I was literally mouthwatering while watching this. good job!

Mingyu Chang says:

That looks yummy thank you Vincenzo for uploading this video.

Elen Delffi says:

Mi ho piaciuto !!

Elen Delffi says:

Me gusta el espagueti a la arrabiata !! Mi piace molto il spaghetti alla arrabiata con peperoncino!! I like so much spaguetti arrabiatta!!

fish hook says:

nice recipe…careful of your fingers with cutting th fish..hehe

Jonathan Chung says:

I bet it’s bland

mazerxo says:

That looks incredibly delicious! Will definitely give this recipe a try and your accent is sexy!

polychronio says:

Seafood spaghetti is the best i ever tasted…!!! It was even better than my second favorite food vietnamese noodle…..i love sea food…

ade gringo says:

Delicious l like it made with monk fish,king prawns and cod,,,,coda di rospo l think you call monk fish,

Indica Blue says:

omG love this. i had this in Tenerife & im going to make it myself with your recipe. glad im the only one who likes this although my 2year old girl loves prawns!! 😉

Vincenzos Plate says:

Paesana +MsFoxy Foxx you have to try this one. You will love it 

Helena Arteiro says:


marie Savino says:

Beautiful seafood pasta recipe.

Bob Barron says:

A favorite +Vincenzos Plate recipe that will pair beautifully with a glass or rosé on a warm summer day. #recipe   #seafood

usa911x says:

This recipe is so easy to follow and looks so delicious. My brother is coming to visit in October and I will try cook this recipe for him. Thank you for this recipe and keep up the great work!

Elen Delffi says:

Spaguetti a la arrabiata con molto peperoncino.,!!!

Claudio Albertini says:

Mmmmmmmm looks so yummy…

Mizan Armany says:

I love the mix of aglio olio and marinara seafood spaghetti. yummy

The Bald Chef says:

Vincenzo this recipe incorporates two of my favorite foods in the world, seafood and pasta. I have never heard of this dish  Spaghetti alla Chitarra, though I have’s seen other renditions of seafood Italian pasta recipes.But I’ve never seen it prepared the way you prepared it. Fantastic on all levels, you had me drooling by the end of the video. I have got to try this one, it looks and I’m sure tastes absolutely fantastic. Nice job my friend!

ruby slippers says:

I have been loving your videos. How many servings would you get out of this recipe?

Maria Balak says:

100 points to Chef for the performance :)))) Dish is very simple to cook! I’m sure it tastes great! Running to cook it now

shorty says:

Looks incredible

FoodPoint says:

Hey +Vincenzo’s Plate, +CakesByChoppA just showed me your business card. LOVE the look of your channel! 😛

Sabrina Farid says:

Ohmygod thank you god I have this annual school cooking competition coming up soon and I’ve always won it but for some reason I’ve been panicking as I haven’t cooked seafood spaghetti aglio olio in so long but now that I stumbled upon your recipe all I need to do is add a little “me” to it and I think I can win it again !!

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