Annual Seafood Boil ~ 2015 ~ Recipe

This video was originally posted in 2015, but recently deleted. This is a re-edit of the original video. I show you step by step my personal recipe for boiling seafood that has an explosion of flavor and I share tips on how to perfectly cook your seafood using a boiling method.

I have a lot of people that ask where they get certain things that I use in my videos, as well as what kind of cameras do I use, etc. So I created a Amazon Store, and have everything I could think of listed within it, so please take a look around and hopefully you will find what your looking for. Also I will update as I need too. Thank You!

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Justin Thornton says:

Great video! I’m doing my first seafood boil this weekend, and I have two questions. What size pot are you using (I have a 120 quart pot) and when would I add crawfish, same time as crabs?

Tania says:

OMG !!! My mouth is litteraly watering ! I live in Northern Quebec , Canada … we don’t hear or see stuff like this here . I’ve been wanting to try a seafood boil like this for years ! I wish I could crawl through my screen to try some . lol Looks really good . 🙂



Rip Kooly says:

Everything except the ice

Treeinthewoods says:

ALL THIS SHIT WOULDN’T EVEN FIT IN MY BATH TUB!! Haha what pot and burner are you cooking out of? I really like it and would like to get one. All of your recipes look amazing. I like the way you cook and season.

Soheil Mardkhanjari says:

Why didnt u boil down the water too get a soup out of it?
Or does the water not taste good?

david webb says:

have you ever tasted everglades seasoning?omg

majorxdf says:

Anyone know why the original was deleted. I want to know now.

Blake Anderson says:

6:25 is that legal where you live?

TX GABBY says:

if all seasonings is crab boil seasonings…why do you use powder, bottle liquid and other etc.?

clinton Evans says:

Awesome video my Brudda

Dan Reynolds says:

OMG that pot! This guy definitely knows what’s up.

Frazier says:

Looks good man

Damian Hernandez says:

Can you use Zatarains instead of Frog Bone? If so would it be the same amount to the water?

Ernie stinson says:

JBs Spring Fling Time ) I know we enjoy it. I wish other vacation destinations chamber of commerce would put up video productions so we could experience some of the culture and calling us back to enjoy the area again. Something like GONOLA they do a really good job

nathan0717 says:

Redo this day after day and it still wouldn’t get old!

Nabeen Kandel says:

all that flavours gone in ice

SoCalCook says:

Great video! Can you tell me what set up you use? Do you prefer stainless steel over aluminum?

Laura franco says:

that looks amazing I need to cook this soon

Zireling says:

I am doing my first seafood boil this weekend for my fiance for a date night at home. I have never seen anyone use mushrooms. Im definitely gonna try them out.

G Nic says:

Great Job, thanks for taking the time to do it.  Wish I was your neighbor…

Rob Hardwick says:

Doing my first boil today. Thank you for the guidance!

John Dro says:

Subscribed, every good boil needs a bug or two

lonnie alford says:

What size boiler is that?

John Doe says:

What size pot you used?

Chris Kouri says:

If I were to do this exactly, but without crabs, how should I adjust cooking time? Same overall time?

Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises says:

I hope get invited next time

Cris Coulter says:

That’s a pot of food, I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico and Texas gulf coast. That food rocks,

Heff A says:

This shit looks delicious.. I’m so hungry now. Who sells crabs and shrimp so I can try out this recipe

Chris Mudgett says:

Notes have been taken. Off to the commisary for the Fourth cook out.
Thank you, Russ.
I make alot of your recipes, the guys just think I’m a culinary genius here in the barracks, I direct them to smokey ribs.
Keep up the awesome work.

cardhobby2012 says:

Mr. Russ….What size pot is needed for a full bushel of crabs (Large), some corn, potatoes, & sausage?

Marco J. Ibarra says:

thank you for sharing this video.

Edward Olan says:

That funny lol buzzzzz

Catarino Silva sr. says:


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