7 Recipes For Seafood Lovers | Twisted

Take a break from eating chicken or beef with these 7 delicious seafood recipes. After watching this video and learning how to make fish taco, pasta, and much more you will become a seafood lover.

00:06 – Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta Pasta
01:03 – Crispy Fajita Fish Tacos
02:14 – Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta
03:22 – One Tray Shrimp Tacos
03:59 – Dishwasher Salmon
04:47 – Alfredo Shrimp Pasta
05:32 – Chip Battered Fish

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Monique Williams says:

Monster high girl dolls

Ikh Ben says:


Monique Williams says:


Monique Williams says:

Monster high dolls

Farhaan Callachund says:

Wait ….. U put that in dishwasher ?!!?

Monique Williams says:


Monique Williams says:


farhana yeasmin says:

MOUth WATERING !!!!!!!

Selene González says:

Good!! 🙂

Blessed Mrs V says:

Just made the shrimp pasta for dinner. It was good and creamy but missing something. Idk maybe fresh garlic would have made a difference.

Yewourkwha21 Bisrat says:

Very nice

Samantha DlPaolo says:

Great shrimp pasta with tomatoes

Monique Williams says:


Samantha DlPaolo says:

Yum , fried white fish with potato shred batter

Monique Williams says:

Destiny’s child girl

Monique Williams says:


Monique Williams says:

Monster high boy dolls

Sweet Lew says:

Could you please give us an oven version of your fried foods please. So many people dont have fryers or dont want to deal with all that hot oil. Or just dont want the greasy food. So please give us an oven version please.

Tee Tee says:

What twisted SOB thought to even put fish into the dishwasher in the first place?

Monique Williams says:

Keak da sneak

Jose Luis Rodriguez says:

Q ricoooo se me ase la boca agua

Monique Williams says:


Saeed Siddiq says:

Nice vide first coment and viwer

Monique Williams says:


Ikh Ben says:


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