What Is Molecular Gastronomy!?

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Molecular gastronomy Info

How Molecular Gastronomy Works

Baby Corn

Lemon Chicken

Sous Vide Peach

Smitten Ice Cream

Fun with Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen

Moto Restaurant

Moto/ Edible Menu

Moto/ 16 Course Winter Menu/ Fried Chicken

Molecule-r Flavors Channel

Chocolate wind

Surprise Bubbles

Molecule-r Website

Enthusio Chefs Channel

Reverse Spherified Poached Egg

Powdered Ice Cream Inside Candy Strawberries


Strawberry Spaghetti by Sosa

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dʒeɪms says:

Just wait til he hears of theoretical gastronomy

Benjamin Liang says:

Cook up a storm
One of the chefs used molecular gastronomy.

Schuyler Vickers says:

Pizza spaghetti is spaghetti. 

Farlon says:

MOMS spaghetti!!!

Khalid Alshahari says:

But do the dishes taste good tho?

Alebrije 2001 says:

Pizza spaghetti isn’t every spaghetti ? Like spaghetti is already tomato, cheese and meat

NeeksArt says:

Kevin, you look like my older brother, which is kinda creepy. Anyways, I wanna be the kind of chef that does this stuff.

The best THing ever says:

Vsauce, you never fail to amaze me

sokky desmond says:

I’m still confused.

Stephvni Eunice says:

They go for $100’s of dollars to eat at a restaurant like that.. want to get it cheap? Continue eating regular non organic foods loll

Hexx Bombastus says:

Clever, but it looks like erntirely too much damn work.

vivi corre says:

Jackie knanich on chopped used these techniques

Sammy Dreemurr says:

You forget that a suvede (or however you spell it) is much more often used to create the most amazing steak ever. Even MY DAD can make a luxury dinner using his!

Nia's Bae says:

Wouldn’t this make the food taste different?

drunkdeity says:

I really want to attempt this

Luigi Rebollos says:

your mom’s spaghetti

grrr 。 says:

‘Purple potato’? It’s not even a potato

rodrigo cortes says:

Hello, im a amateur cook, and i love molecular gastronomy, but theres always this strange powders and ingredients i have to buy, normally where do you buy those ingredients? 

SilhouetteJudas says:

Molecular gastronomy > Haute cuisine

MapleStoryFiasco says:

Make a neon colored Mac n cheese

Ross Linden says:

im a chef and have been experimenting with alot of these including Spherefication and Dehydration. fucking amazing and im going for my First michelin star this or next year.

Beelu says:

Honestly, one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Thank you very much!

TheKaneECO says:


EmpireStrikesBackYes MLPNo VGCP says:

At the time im writing this comment, ive watched this video for the first time in 2 years.

Bitter Buffalo says:

you don’t have to know this to be a great chef. nothing wrong with farm to table.

Vic Santiago says:

Hmm…so you could, let’s say…evaporate a concentrated solution of a frozen burger turned into dust to make…let’s say…steamed hams steam?

Nika Marie says:

This is why I’m in culinary school

Dahl R'Jay says:

So… Molecular Gastronomy is basically Culinary arts for people who didn’t listen when they parents told them to stop playing with their food.

NeostormXLMAX says:

i wonder if any ones here looking how to make stuff from shokugeki no soma

Shidoresu says:

Invented by Alice Nakiri

Arya Roychowdhury says:

What nonsense is this. Damn!

applehead says:

So freaking awesome

꧁༺小林天使༻꧂ says:

2 words… Food wars. 2 more words… Alice Nakiri.

Bitter Buffalo says:

as a traditional chef I would love to learn this but honestly what’s wrong with just plain cooking?

Cleber de Souza Cunha says:

3:42 – Stranger Things opening theme?

Modern-Day Warrior says:

I eat Dippin’ Dots. Does that count?

Annaliza Tablada says:

Nakiri Alice approves

Jessica De Cecchi says:

has anyone tried this molecular cuisine kit?


tripplehd #thedragon says:

How bout mom’s spaghetti

Mu Alexius says:

Someone help me pleasee
I’m so confused with Molecular Gastronomy
Can i call it molecular gastronomy If i take the extract of food A and combine it to the food B

iannickCZ says:

Umm, I guess the menu will be super_expensive and you go home hungry.

JohnathanLeeSprite says:

South Park’s Cartman used molecular gastronomy once. It was epic. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Sky Sky says:

Food and Science. My two favorite things.

divide et impera says:

This was “Cool” in restaurants in 2000. All the haut cuisine-restaurants done this til its total destruction by boredom. Some of these techniques you still can find, but in fact, most of it is “out” since five or six years.
Anyway its some kind of funny what you can do with food else then the classic/traditionell cooking

Manas Mohapatra says:

Are you related to Jesse Pinkman and/or Vince Gilligan

[ R E D A C T E D ] says:

shokugeki no soma

Jackson Winkleson says:

Who the fuck would eat this shit besides mega-hispters?

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