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Get a molecular gastronomy kit to start experimenting at A quick overview of what can be achieved with molecular gastronomy (modernist cuisine). All recipes and techniques featured in the video are available on Everything you ever wanted to know about molecular gastronomy is right here. Amazing recipes. The latest techniques. Specially-priced ingredients, tools and equipment. A guide to great modernist cuisine restaurants and bars. Plus, a community of over 100,000 chefs, scientists and food lovers that share a passion for culinary science.


Molecular Gastronomy says:

Great suggestions! Thank you for your feedback!

David Mathewson says:

“Molecular” Cooking and Nouvelle Cuisine…!!?? hmm…! In my opinion, spending a lot of money to buy just 40g of food which has been made in a stupid scientific way is at least disgusting not to mention freak,y when there are millions of people out there who are starving and don’t even have stale bread to eat.  Everything started from the stupid French chefs and cuisine with raw meat or “blue” or other bollocks with their stupid sauces like “pepper” sauce which are the easiest sauces in the world and have convinced some simple minded people that are unique and right way of eating which is not the case at all. They were cannibals and the same is their cuisine. People listen to these dishes with the French names and order it only because of the French accent.  Molecular cuisine? only for those knobs without real culture who want to show off to the other knobs next table to them. Molecular Cuisine is for those bollocks chefs who don’t know how to cook food for proper humans and create bollocks cuisine for uncultured without class but rich customers.

Li Ying Choo says:

Will people easily get allergic reactions or something fron the chemicals? I wanna try ittt

Lorena Hernandez says:

This is awesome…!!

Pete Pumpong says:

the future of food

TheGreat One says:

I remember those old days when older people tell youngsters things like “don’t play with your foods.”

John Moser says:

What song is this?

Norman Moollan says:

What type of kit would you recommend the one with where you can do more recipes

horny owl says:

Ferran Adria and company son los padres de todo esto…

MossyStudios says:


FromHyrule says:

In the 100 foot journey, is this what Hasan did when he moved to Paris?

2Guys1Car says:

 _______________________________¯¯¯¯ ?

Murat Aydin Akcan says:

Yaptiginiz yemekler bilim kurgu filimlerinden fırlamış gibi.

Emison Luuv says:

Here because of Nakiri Alice !!

altan teleke says:


Michael Trees says:

Awesome stuff. Cant wait. 

Fatima Isra says:

Molecular gastronomy is cool af

Laughing Jack says:

Ok the transparent ravioli and olive oil chip look very appealing and amazingly unbelievable, but how do you eat those two?!

Simon Pearce says:

Please make more videos. I know a large group of people who are excited about what they see on your website. Some videos to compliment your recipes would go down a hit

32lxx6ika 88 says:


Arch R says:

This is the coolest stuff ever.

anubit sa says:

awesome..thank you.

Tony Pittsburgh says:

Just ordered the mid range kit! Cannot wait, I would like to create some serious hot and spicy novelties

tyguitarlogothetis says:

Question, does the Molecular Gastronomy Kit with Book teach all of these techniques in this video? Are all of the recipes included in the book?

Andy Jones says:

All this is undoubtedly beautiful, but it’s not food. Who seriously goes out specifically to eat this crap?

Sam Th3R4nd0mGir1 says:

I know what saffron is. Saffron is the world’s costliest spice. Workers remove 3 tiny tips from a type of flower to make it. It takes around 220,020 tips to make one pound of saffron. So a pound cans cost thousands of dollars.

Greg Scott says:

Sure, they can do all that. But is it appealing? Is it any good to eat?

Brandon Castaneda says:

I agree, more videos and even breaking down the chemical additives would help. When people know what the product is and different ways they can use it, they’ll be more apt to buying from your shop. Very cool stuff though!

Jerry Giesler says:

Dammit! You’re making me hungry! 🙁

Teagan says:

This looks so cool!

ecksdee says:

nakiri alice

sar says:

ive eaten at all the molecular gastronomy places, alinea in chicago, grace etc. in my opinion its rarely done well- alinea perhaps being the best example. usually it just falls flat, and at this point most of the techniques have just become cliche anyways.

Paul Rodriguez says:

This is so cool

RLArts - says:

this stuff is freaking magic



Alexms Ms says:

NO hay traduccion??

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