Sriracha Pearls: Cold Oil Spherification: Molecular Gastronomy

Today I’m making sriracha pearls, or caviar, whatever you want to call it using a technique called cold oil spherification. This is a pretty popular molecular gastronomy technique used in a lot of high end restaurants. It sounds complicated but it’s actually fairly simply and involves mostly items you should have in any commercial kitchen and can easily get at home. Agar is the main gelling agent and it’s fairly easy to find at health stores or asian supermarkets but I’ll link to some down below if you’d like to order it off amazon. If you’d like your sriracha pearls to be more consistent in their size and shape I’d recommend using a syringe to drop the liquid into the cold oil but for my purposes a squeeze bottle did the trick.

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If you’re like me and are lazy, you can buy the agar that I used here:

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Milton Castrillo says:

Ty I was looking for another way to make the spheres

Ameerally Zaheen says:

Hi can we do it one day in advance and store it?

p says:

Great recipe! I’m not sure what temperature the mixture should have when I drop it into the cold oil. Is it going to work if the sriracha mixture is cold?
Keep doing great work I love it!

Tina's Delightful Creations says:

Great video. May I ask how far in advance you can make these, and how do you store them until needed. I am having company for dinner in a few days and I love serving them new things to try. This is a great idea for something new for us.

bigadamhilbilly says:

This is awesome! Thank you! I subbed!

Jacob Campbell says:

This is fucking cool

onapona says:

can you keep the oil to be used a second time or not?

The Spare Room says:

The ravenclaw spatula makes an appearance. Great video Kristin!

Ignyte says:

Lovely work, keep it up! 😀

Jason Bye says:

Nice videos kid. Keep them coming…

BadgerOWesley says:


fei xie says:

great video. learning it, and i’ll try at my kitchen

nikhil sathyanaryana says:

Keep up the good work. More spicy treats please!

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