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Simple Soy-Sauce Aeration Recipe for Sushi
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In this video recipe Chef Devaux shows you how to make a very different dipping sauce for your sushi rolls, instead of the usual soy sauce and wasabi, Chef Devaux shows you how to use the same ingredients and some Xanthan Gum to create a completely different dipping sauce for your sushi creations, this new innovative dipping sauce is light airy and fluffy like whipped cream. and delivers a completely different culinary sensation to your sushi dish.

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Harry Huang says:

He made a mess

Isaac Cohan says:

Hahahah x an gum seriously


If you don’t want to do a soy sauce FOAM, and don’t want to make the investment, just do an Air. All you need is Soy Lecithin and a hand blender.

Fenrir says:

@turquoise macaron No offence, but I think he can cook whatever the fuck he wants in his own kitchen.  You ethnocentric bigot.

Justic3h says:

That is a supremely bad idea

David Lee says:

You’re shitting on the board

Alex Nikitin says:

That is a roll and not sushi. The term you meant to use was sheer not blend. A similar effect should also be able to be done, and i suspect more quickly, with a soft agar gel (0.07-0.18%) that you can break up and put in the whip cream maker. The problem with using xanthan, is that salt in the soy sauce is an inhibitor, so you have to use a lot more gum then you would normally, though i suspect if you cut soy sauce with water 50/50, and use 0.5g of xanthan, you would get a foam no worse than what you saw, actually maybe even throwing in 2 charges for a more stable foam. A different texture would be something like soy sauce air with about 0.6% soy lecithin and a 3/2 sauce to water ratio. Lastly even cooler may be to put soy sauce into the roll, 100g of water + 100g of soy sauce + 0.5g of xanthan + 4g of gelatin (240 bloom, or 4.8g 200b or 6g 160b), bloom the sheets, dispurse in water, heat, chill, mix with chilled soy, xanthan, sheer, whip in a freezer-chilled bowl for about 15min, then set in fridge for ~2 hours.

buddhacion19 says:

Hand blender….hand blender….hand blender….you want to do molec gastro but seems not equipped….leave it alone please….



lyhthegreat says:

looks abit like “u know what” lol

curlydana says:

this is so cool! love your videos

MsTokies says:

i wonder if you could get the same effect by using file powder then putting it in that thing

That Guard Kid says:

thats what my poo normally looks like after i eat chinese

Mark Tan says:

what’s the benefit of doing that though? just curious

James Salski says:

Sorry but IMO it looks disgusting. I would rather use Kelcogel F and Xanthan, bring it to a boil and chill in ice bath, then blend and optionally (what I recommend) place it in vacuum chamber so it looks nice and shiny.

ilovetheusers says:

Congrats, you made the most popular sauce on earth look like baby poop…

AnneGirlCarrots says:

This is a genius idea for cutting down on the salt content while still enjoying your sushi AND your soy sauce! You sir, are brilliant!

Rakhzul Wasabi says:

egg white will do the trick as well no need for the kit imo 🙂 

Emily Ogden says:

Where is he from?

SuperOrderedChaos says:

That literally looks like foamy diarrhea. Like you’re spraying a bunch of runny poop on your sushi.
Just saying.

Susan Clenin says:

how do you make eel sauce? I adore eel sauce but I would rather make this myself

Ciley Myrus says:


陆路 says:

I am in China, how can I buy the ingredients of molecular food?

welwitschia says:

What’s the point?

Melanie Truot says:

ooh mama that is one good looking thing.

wilsonryder says:

i hate dipping sushi in soy just liek the taste of the fish

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