Olive Oil Bonbon – Sugar Encapsulated Olive Oil – Molecular Gastronomy Secrets

Olive Oil Bonbon – Sugar Encapsulated Olive Oil – Molecular Gastronomy Secrets
Welcome to Worldwide Culinary Apprentice
In that video, chef Rogers will teach you how to Encapsulate olive oil
Learn the secret behind José Andrés Encapsulation technique
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Suraj Biswa says:

Its a nice chef ..

IssaUzumakii says:

Thank you chef Rogers for that nice idea and demonstration! 

ReallyReallyRandom says:

I wish there was a close up to see what happens when you lift the cutter

MadForge52 says:

Where can I get the rings.

afaf happy says:

Possible if allowed know what the ingredients and the name of the white matter

Ashlesha Phatak says:

Luved ur video. A quick question. Can I fill it with liqueur

GrumpyBunBun says:

Can you eat these pitchers?

LawGone1 says:

can i put my tequila shots in there?

DeenScene says:

very cute

Ant val says:


Nathan Davis says:

Can it just be regular sugar? thats all i can lay my hands on.

Lionel ROBY says:

I used ISOMALT and it worked after a lot of practice but the setting times were not the same : if I keep it resting more than 30s in the tube, it becomes hard.
The only way (for me) was to pull oil during setting time.
I will try another brand of ISOMALT
My question, Chef, is how would you keep these beauties? I tried the fridge and it bursted after 2 hours, I kept them outside : too humide, it started ti burst after few hours. Any tips?

Arina Sen says:

Beautiful! I will absolutely try this! Would balsamic vinegar work as well?

peter farrell says:

How long will these hold chef?


bravo molto scienico….

Rupesh Khawale says:

This good quality of Technic to present food …… call actual future which we have to give to next generation

tcphelps01 says:

That is a very neat technique, thank you!

Sana Khan says:

I liked the idea

mazeightysix says:

great tutorial
thanx for sharing

Sofia Evans says:


James Cote says:

what is that substance that you melted again ? it’s not sugar is it /

krista aguila says:


Alaa Samran says:

I would like to work with you . You are great chef .

Todd Frank says:

awesome, this gives me so many ideas

Mariel Button says:

where do i find singular cooktop w digital temp. at a decent price?

Good Samaritans' Kitchen says:

Hi chef! Question: Are there other liquids we can encapsulate other than olive oil (other than oils)?

Renata Poulsen says:

where can I get this rings? Thanks

Tangerine Trees says:

would imosalt salt work?

Ranek Inpinewoods says:

Wow! Fucking spectacular!

fml hengzaii says:

how long can i keep after i filling oil inside ?

Chef Lauren says:

Love this!

Nell Sat says:

u mix the olive oil with vinaiger?

SpaceGiko says:

so cool

Bladed Lady says:

Very interesting idea! What was the sugar type substance did he use?

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