Molecular Gastronomy Worms – Food Science on DIY Sci S02E03

Ever wanted to eat worms? Well, they aren’t actually worms, but it is green pasta using a technique called Molecular Gastronomy that can be used to make all kinds of crazy foods. Learn how to make your own DIY worms. To watch full episodes of Xploration DIY Sci visit: And don’t forget to download the Xploration Station iPhone and Apple TV app today! #Science #Brider #Denver

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Leonard Greenland says:

Now do the molecular gastronomy caviars

Jamie F says:

spinach flavored petri dish

Joey Ouyang says:

i highly doubt it was fantastic lol

Wes Netmo says:

looks already chewed stuff…. why people do this

rejmre 9597 says:

Omg I forgot about him!!! I’ve missed this so much!!

Willy Yappy says:

your kids love to eat worms???

Craig Mooring says:

But what do you do with the spinach fiber you strained out? It should not go to waste.

cavv0667 says:

It’s too much for me… I’ll just eat spinach, which I already find attractive and enjoy masticating! I like being able to identify my food in it’s natural form… Nature already created the art that I intend to eat. Why would I insult her by trying to perfect perfection?

electronicsNmore says:

I hate Tomato Hornworms!

owem says:

those agar agar are very common in my country you can find it in every local market/store, in fact agar means jelly in Indonesian.

Kazutoification says:

Is that how Agar Agar is pronounced? I’ve been saying it wrong!

The Knife Kid says:

3:23 I love how the chef responds with doing well, how are you and the guy doesn’t respond but says thanks for being here. Lol

Ronin Flex says:

Those were catepilars, I’m offended

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