Molecular Gastronomy with Chef Grant Achatz | You’ve Got

World-renown chef Grant Achatz discusses the philosophy of his restaurant, Alinea.
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Milo The Russian Blue says:

Alinea is on my bucket list for sure!

pinkisntwell says:

plan on spending $400 to $500 per person if you pair the meal with wine. Dinner for two with tax and tip can cost upwards of $1,000.

Hodor says:


tarasensei says:

I think it would be a lot of fun to work there.  

Enrique Hernández says:

then youre fucked up

Jason Jones says:

great philosophy……..

Nadiya Hasanah says:

OMG! Food-science is just like art! They don’t only offer but yeah give us experience! omg omg just realised it now!

Mulch Diggums says:

I feel these restaurants are still playing catchup with El Buli, etc…

Haures89 says:

now ppl will Understand the good  Chefs 😀 gj

roman14032 says:

this bullshit is over allready
even farran has bailed on this style

Tom Wandishin says:
Gilberto Briceño Gómez says:


kek l0rd says:

If you want me to have a great time just give me a bowl of ice cream.

Zelnyair says:

One thing I find curious is that vanillin, a molecule that smells of vanilla (if you get cheap vanilla extract, it probably has vanillin in it), and capsaicin, the molecule responsible for chillies being hot, are rather similar.

The only difference in their structures is that vanillin has an aldehyde group on its 6-carbon ring, and capsaicin has a much longer molecular chain instead.

So, given the similar structures, would that mean that a little bit of chilli on some vanilla ice cream could taste surprisingly nice?

Is this the sort of thing molecular gastronomy is about?

KnightWing408 says:

Next time they are going to have someone take a shit on top of the table for food. IMAO

Ash Ketchum says:

What if you didn’t have a great childhood?What if the food doesn’t evoke any memories in you?Because you don’t have suitable memories?

reelBigSpic says:

Chef Grant, we have to meet.

Catface says:

0:00 Dude………………just do it, please……..FAST

Roman Reigns says:

Roman Reigns < that balloon

BrownEyedHighGirL says:

Ohhhh…so the point of the restaurant is to make people (rich people, of course) happy!

Haures89 says:


John Tan says:

ok! I’ve followed these guys for ages. can anyone please tell me how do you get sauces which is dropped on a table and set into a square?

Melissa G says:

Seriously, who is interested in reading like animals, or cave men? And isn’t inhaling helium actually not good for you!?!?! Weird stuff here!!!

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