Molecular Gastronomy – White Chocolate Spaghetti

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Bhavesh Shah says:


Lísias Pereira Novo says:

Is it possible to use gelatin or other collagen based material instead of the agar-agar?

ardalan101 says:

what is agar-agar?

Jerry Giesler says:

Achraf, 2 grams!

MariCarmen Te Bl says:

Hello! I was wondering, since I wanted to make these for kids, is there anything I could use that is not the coconut liqueur? Maybe one of those non alcoholic fruit liqueurs? Thanks in advance!

Bhavesh Shah says:

we’re can I get all kits for molecular gastronomy and smoke gun in India …please help me out

Raecat2aid says:

can you use Gelatin instead?

Tori Terlaje says:

that is amazing ..

Taylor Nelson says:

wat stores can u find agar agar at please tell me I want to make these recipieds for my birthday please!!!

Henry Jewkes says:

When making the full batch of liquid, is it recommended to dispense between multiple short lengths of tubing, or a single very long tube?

xtanya2007x says:

How far ahead could I prep this and where would I store it until I am going to serve it? The fridge i’m guessing? Thanks 🙂

PurplePanda Forever says:

what is agar agar

draak en gek says:

I tried this! It looks and tasts awesome. I made them with white and black chocolate.

Melody Tai says:


Ranek Inpinewoods says:

Is the coconut liquer absolutely necessary?

Ira Tirta says:

It’s amazing! I’ll make it someday!

Paul Nimens says:

i belive they are 2 grams each

PiChanChannel says:

Excuse me, when do you turn on the stove? From the beginning or when adding the white chocolate to me mixture?

Elenh X. says:

how many grams of agar agar contain in the bag??

Tony Pittsburgh says:

Damn it!  Now I have to run to Krogers and find some white chocolate so I can make this before  lunch!  (*)&*(!@!@

mattking95 says:

I love this!

JT McAwesome-Face says:

Awesome! I think with a strawberry sauce, a sprinkle of cocoa powder and hell maybe some gold leaf this would be even more awesome. A bit unappetizing to me because it looks like pasta with no sauce. Or maybe leave it and let them be surprised I guess? :p

Chef John says:

How long would these last in storage? And how would one store them?

Dang Khoa says:

I am really interested in this. But why do we put coconut liquor into? Can we change to other liquor

Raida Aldosari says:

Can I use a straw instead of this tube?

onilink500 says:

pregunta si quiero hacer el doble o tripe de la receta necesito poner mas agar agar  me gusta esta cocina pero aun tengo algunas dudas con los  quimicos

shary497 says:

I wish my school had a science fair ! I would totally do this.

bhagyashree Tambe says:

is Agar Agar suitable for a vegan

cohen brecknell says:

Hey where could I buy all the ingredients?

Achraf G-Idrissi says:

how many grams in that sachet of agar agar ?

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