Molecular Gastronomy – Strawberries Foam and Cookies

Chemistry Project


Nikki Soriano says:


ladyjam1900 says:

two canisters of gas would give the foam more stability. just sayin’

Rhandahl says:


AmberAlert says:

Can Arrow root powder be used for the thickener or maybe gelatin?

Ramiel says:


Scrychew 2.0 says:

Good video. Accents were a bit thick though.


ahh so cute

Shannon Hoover says:

Why would you use those stupid gloves in your own kitchen?

WWOLFwts says:

Looks delicious!

Maxyhealthy says:

You can use 2g xantana, 50g cream with 35% fat content 20g proespuma to mix with 300g strawberry juice. This will work well.

Carol Chan says:

thank you.

rocky lin says:

I guess Asian accents aren’t so stereotyped after all

comfortablesofa says:

They should use a cheese cloth/coffee filter on top of the sieve to get the clearest strawberry juice. Really cool though!

Dominik MJ says:

It is not a very stable foam – you could see it at the end, that it liquified already. Xanthan gum is usually a better thickener. They could have used egg white, or methyl cellulose or cream to make it more stable. Unfortunately not very successful.

P00TANARA says:

my japanese is not that good

frantahouska says:

chonk chung sugaaaa!

Jordan Manson says:

use two egg whites to thicken….

Andrew Tozier says:

This looks a lot like a food network show. Hey, these kids put the same amount of production money into making this video and TFN does for their shows.

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