Molecular Gastronomy: Soy Sauce Crystal with Edible Film

Get edible film at In this molecular gastronomy recipe we show you how to create crystals from liquids with the incredible edible film introduced into the modernist kitchen by Chef Ferran Adria. The end result is an ultra-thin, crispy and translucent tuile infused with the flavoring liquid.

The process is very simple and you just need ultra-thin edible film and a dehydrator. Just spray the edible film with the desired liquid and dehydrate it for 12 hours to make it crispy. To add crunchiness and make it less fragile, it is recommended to overlay 3 edible films; it will still be very thin. Use very flavorful liquids or reduce them first to concentrate the flavor so the resulting crystal paper has the desired taste and aromas. In this case we use soy sauce, which is perfect for this application.


tavey hubbard says:

That coat looks too big for you, mate.

Torrey Jones says:

Very Cool Idea!

216403wolfgirl says:


Tim Crow says:

How about a recipe for edible nanobots? 🙂

Jakle says:


orel ohayon says:

where i can find edible film ?

Ralph Wiggum says:

I don’t get why they call this stuff “Molecular Gastronomy.” All he did was put something in a dehydrator.

Hal Nau says:

What I want to know is where are all of these vids filmed? It is not a kitchen, or any recognizable room. I am guessing warehouse. Also I would have liked to see the removal of the crispy film from the dehydrator, the ‘turn around’ reveal was disingenuous towards the instructive purpose of the video.

altan teleke says:


RDproductions says:

dahm trendy af

Jul Bradley says:

Cool! edible film is so easy to find! plus molecular gastronomy is so easy no waste of time weighting everything precisely. It’s just a waste of time. LOL ! seriously it looks cool but it”s very unefective. it doesn’t taste better ’cause there’s no real research from a real chef point of view. 

Andrew Xie says:

Absolutely rediculous way of appreciating food

ad hoc says:

What for do you need this, guys?

Kitty Lily says:

Cool and yummy

Arch R says:

How do you guys not have more subscribers? This is awesome!

Blovinjack says:

Interesting. What is this used for?

IshGotReal ishGotReal says:

Cooks are also scientists.
This was of preparing food is out of this world, its a journy!
Im studying to use these tecniques on a restaurant to elevate the experience of the customer. They pay so they deserve perfection and an experience to never forget!
This is cooking with passion and having a commun goal among the brigade, all focussed in giving the customer, perfection! If we have to work 16 houres straight everyday to give what the customer expects, you better love what you do.

Irishfox says:

For 12 hours ? thats just stupid

Jerry Giesler says:


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