Molecular Gastronomy: Rich Chocolate Caviar

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avery041993 says:

What restaurants have you guys worked in?

Sarasly? says:

These could add a whole new twist to bubble tea.

Hazim Zaki says:

that’s so impressive :O

ChefSteps says:

We have multiple chefs
some restaurants they have worked at
The Fat Duck, L’Astrance, Mistral, Mugaritz, Rover’s, Spur
Also Modernist Cuisine

calum moncrieff says:

what pressure i should say..

spud mambo says:

How is the air removed?

Daniel Szabo says:

track id?

ChefSteps says:

the chocolate comes through in our dish combining this with almond custard and a mint gelee

Joseph Cristo says:

Could these be used as chocolate chips?

fluffy says:

Another technique I’ve seen for doing this is to make a flavored gelatin or tapioca, and then drip the still-not not-yet-set gel into chilled grapeseed oil, which causes the gel to rapidly set.

Tuba Khan says:

how it taste

S Kasey says:

fantastic work guys…infact i am doing chocolate spheres tomorrow. chocolate and calcium chloride is sitting in fridge overnight. Doing 8 textures of chocolate for easter special menu..u guys came along a big help.

sygyzy says:

How strong is the flavor? In my experience, and from research, it seems like anything that is spherified (sp?) has a very muted flavor.

Andy Xiao says:

where do u get all those chemical ingredients??? all your videos seem to require some type of substance such as sodium citrate.

Minion27 says:

Looks like chocolate caviar

Nick Howell says:

You guys are crazy! I could watch your videos all day… Well, I am.

Max Z says:

[top right hand corner] 0:08 yeah, just add a bit of magic in there. 😛

stewiegriffin761 says:

I have never heard of sphere magic, is it japanese agar? or something similar to it?

Royal Poison says:

Just a few no-namers. 😉 Just kidding.

Dror S says:

is it soduim alginate?

reisha natanael says:

is magic sphere and sodium aliginate same thing?

mona isawesome says:

it’s like chocolate caviar 

Megan Wakefield says:

What is sphere magic?

Duckie Indeed says:

Chocolate frog eggs 😡

Shane Arago says:

They sell candy kits like this in japan!

DelsonGirl says:

Baby spherification!

Moses Jerome says:

lmao wtf is sphere magic

calum moncrieff says:

quick question, what setting do you have your vac set to for removing bubbles from gels, purees etc?? Thanks

Powerslave1123 says:

Alice Nakiri sent me here.

Nightflare50 says:

Caviar gone wild

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